Blogs I Read

Because Google decided to 86 Google Reader, I've decided to make myself a "Blog Roll" or "Blogs I Read" page here on PolishGalore not only for myself, but for others who are looking to find new blogs to read. Once upon a time, I thought about iFraming each blog so I could read them all on one page but I think I'd kill download speeds and usage so text list, here we go!

I am not responsible for any content found on the following blogs - these are just blogs I enjoy.

Beauty/Nail Polish Blogs
Ashley is Polishaddicted 

Beauty Judy

Chalkboard Nails 
Chromatic Misadventures 
Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom

Fashion Polish 
From Head to Toe 

Geordie Nails 


imperfectly painted 

Krystal Caracol

Makeup Savvy 
More Nail Polish 
my nail polish online 

Nail Juice 
never too much glitter 

Prim & Polished 

Ria Loves Pawlish 

The Daily Nail 
The Little Canvas 
The Nailasaurus 
The PolishAholic 



Mish Mash
Font for Peas 
little lovelies 
Lunch Bag Art 
Post Secret 
The Bloggess