duri Sorry Not Sorry

I'm at the end of my duri journey and thankful that duri allowed me to review some of their polishes. It took me a long time do it but after two separate rounds of COVID and long-lasting effects from the first round, blogging really took a back seat. I'm still being seen by a cardiologist and a pulmonologist but so far my tests have come back favorably. Today I have duri Sorry Not Sorry which is listed as an opaque purple but it was more of a jelly for me.

duri Glow Up

One of my favorite shows as a teenager was Buffy the Vampire Slayer starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. I was OBSESSED with everything Buffy and SMG and today's polish, duri Glow Up reminds me of the opening credits. This deep blue purple metallic polish looks just screams vampy 90s to me.

duri A Million Likes

We are nearly the end of my duri journey and I have to say, I've been pretty impressed with their range. Today I have a sparkly number with duri A Million Likes. I thought this was like a foil but it's listed as a glitter on their website.

duri High Key

I'm getting into the purples here that duri sent me and today we're starting with duri High Key, a burgundy purple metallic with no shimmer.

duri Google Me

Press Sample

You've seen this color already but I wanted to show it alone. This is duri Google Me, a metallic blue with loads of shimmer. I really love how bright this color truly is.

duri Spilling Tea

Press Sample

It's been satisfying getting through my queue of polishes. I've also finally been selling some of my older indies that I purchased and that's been both bittersweet and freeing. Today I put on duri Spilling Tea which is a hunter green metallic without the sparkle.

duri Fire

Press Sample

I haven't been following the trends lately, but I feel like metallics are coming back with a vengeance. Today I decided to pull out duri Fire, a bold orange metallic that is sparkly like the sun.

duri Social Bubble

Press Sample

Trying to finish up all these duri polishes on my desk and today I'm pulling another red - Social Bubble. This is a burgundy red microglitter in an opaque red base.

Blue and Gold Nails

Press Sample

HOW do people use their iPhones for amazing photos? Because y'all - I can't figure it out. I got a hohem iSteady X for Christmas and I haven't had the energy to open it but I did today because well, I did these nails on Wednesday of last week and so my grow out is - well, you can see it.