Anonymous Lacquer Set My Soul On Fire

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Yesterday we had family photos. It's a tradition we've started with our family and I'm really glad we do it because I do love looking at how we grow each year. One thing I try to make sure I have, is manicured nails for our photo shoot. Unfortunately, yesterday's that's about all I had going for me.

Gelish Mini Plum-thing Magical

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If you've been following my Facebook, you know that I'm in purge mode. I'm finally going through my polishes and getting real about what I'm keeping because there are so many polishes I love and almost forget I own and I want to wear what I own. Especially when they are as beautiful as today's polish - Gelish Mini Plum-thing Magical.

The Beauty Loser: Medifast Update #4


How has it been two weeks already? It's been a LONG two weeks but thankfully, things have gotten better and continue to get better every day. So how am I doing on Medifast?