Morgan Taylor Vanished Before My Eyes

Press Sample

I completely forgot I had these Morgan Taylor Platinum polishes in my stash so I decided to pull Vanished Before My Eyes, which is a red/orange duochrome. This one reminds me of rose petals.

cuccio Be Current

I'm at the finale of the cuccio Fall 2019 Bella Natura collection with Be Current, a egglant purple creme. I think this was the polish I was most excited for because I love a good purple creme in my life.

cuccio Natural State

I'm getting to the end of the cuccio Fall 2019 Bella Natura collection with today's Natural State, a Tuscan brown creme. This does have orange tones to it but it reminded me more of milk chocolate than anything. I've been really enjoying milk chocolate with almonds lately so this may be a food related thing. Don't eat your nail polish though.

cuccio Branch Out

Who wants a rich and earthy green creme? The cuccio Fall 2019 Bella Natura collection has you covered with Branch Out. Now I know most people either love or hate greens but I gotta tell you, this one is growing on me.

cuccio Nurture Nature

I finally decided to organize my desk and put all my polishes I'm reviewing in order and realized I haven't finished the cuccio Fall 2019 Bella Natura collection. Today I have Nurture Nature which is a shimmering pewter. The bottle was super pretty as you can see above.

OPI Alpaca My Bags

Nothing To Disclose

It's been about 8 years since I wore OPI on my blog. No real reason - I used to love the colors, the collections, the ultra wide brush. OPI is much easier to find these days too... I can get it at my local Wal-Mart although this color I purchased from Ulta in order to qualify for free shipping. Sorry, not sorry. This is Alpaca My Bags from the Fall 2018 Peru collection. As soon as I saw it, I wanted it and I've kept it in my Saved folder on Instagram for months.