Turtle Tootsie Polish This Night Is Made For Polish

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Welcome to Week 4 of the Road To PolishCon series! If you remember from Week 2, the makers who will be at PolishCon NYC Spring 2018 have come together to create special polishes leading up to the convention in June. These polishes are only available for one week, so don't delay in purchasing!

Contrary Polish Honeycomb at Night

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Ever see a polish and you just need it immediately? That was me when I saw Contrary Polish Honeycomb at Night at PolishCon Chicago 2017. This light blue polish filled with microglitter in shades of light gold, sand and caramel also has a hint of scattered holo although it's only visible in full sunlight and not under normal desk lights or in indirect sun.

Dip Into Pretty Roses are Red

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I have another Dip Into Pretty polish for you today! This is Roses are Red and it's a highly pigmented red creme.

Different dimension Reflection

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Happy Wednesday! Today I pulled out Different Dimension Reflection from a box of polish by my desk. This is a bright berry polish that has color shifting pigment which looks gold in the bottle and comes out red to purple on the nail. This polish is from the Someday We'll All Be Memories Too collection.

Dip Into Pretty Dip Into Pink

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Hello dear friends! I cannot believe we are already in March - where did the first two months go? I was doing really well with pre-planning posts and then time just got away from me, and so did my polish. I have boxes all over my living room and all over my desk so I'm determined to get it handled, especially with my in-laws coming at the end of the month!

LifeDNA Skincare

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Back in December, a new skincare called LifeDNA reached out to me about their line that recently launched. I was interested because since I've hit 30 a few years ago, my skin has been a complete mystery to me. I thought I had oily skin but my skin is actually quite dry, needs to be exfoliated often and I "most likely" have rosacea. Yes, that was the diagnosis from a dermatologist. (And yes, I'm looking for a second opinion.)

Road to PolishCon Spring 2018: Week 2

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Howdy friends! If you've been following The Polish Convention on Facebook, you'll know that the next Spring Edition is coming up quickly! The location has been moved to New York but as always, it's going to be an amazing time in the name of all things polish!