Sally Hansen Beet, Pray, Love

Today's Sally Hansen Miracle Gel™ polish is Beet, Pray, Love. This is a dark mauve that I was really excited to on my short nails.

Sally Hansen Out of this Pearl

I have another Sally Hansen Miracle Gel™ polish today - Out of this Pearl. This a frosty rose gold polish.

Sally Hansen Mauve-olous

I have a few more Sally Hansen polishes to go through and today I pulled out the Miracle Gel™ collection that I was sent by the company. Today I'm using Mauve-olous, a melon creme. According to their website, Miracle Gel™ is patented technology for longer wear with no UV lamp required.

Sally Hansen Rise Up

When I originally pulled out Sally Hansen Rise Up from my stash, I thought it was just a peach shade. Surprise! This is a light pink to rose base with golden shimmer. It's such a pretty surprise!

Sally Hansen Persis-Tint

This is quite a unique color for my collection. Today I have Sally Hansen Mega Strength Persis-Tint, a lilac jelly with blue shimmer.

Sally Hansen She-Ro

As I was going through my Helmers, I realized that I had several bottles of Sally Hansen Mega Strength polishes. I cannot find this line on their website anymore but it does appear you can get it at different drug stores. Today I have She-Ro, which is a dusty rose pink creme.

Zoya Amaris

Press Sample

Today is a great day! Fourteen years ago, I started PolishGalore and if I'm looking right, I am now the second longest running nails focused blog in the United States, second to xoxo, Jen. I've actually gotten to meet Jen at a polish convention and I hope to get to see her again one day and this time, we're taking photos!

Sally Hansen Burnished Wine

Today is my last Insta-Dri Matte polishes that I was sent and I was most excited for this one - Burnished Wine. This is a "1-stroke, 1 coat" polish that leaves you with a matte metallic finish in 60 seconds. In the bottle, it's a beautiful plum purple with holographic sparkles.

Sally Hansen Molten Mauve

I'm finishing out the Insta-Dri Matte polishes that I was sent and today is Molten Mauve which is more rose red to me than mauve. This is a "1-stroke, 1 coat" polish that leaves you with a matte metallic finish in 60 seconds. I feel like I'm not fully doing these polishes justice with the 1 coat but that's how they are advertised so I wanted to show them that way. I've reviewed other Insta-Dri polishes before but used as many coats as it took to be opaque.

Sally Hansen Gold Rush

I'm halfway through the Insta-Dri Matte polishes that I was sent and today is Gold Rush, a gold metallic. This is a "1-stroke, 1 coat" polish that leaves you with a matte metallic finish in 60 seconds.

Sally Hansen Smokey Silver

Continuing with the Insta-Dri Matte collection is Smokey Silver and is a true silver metallic. This is a "1-stroke, 1 coat" polish that leaves you with a matte metallic finish in 60 seconds.

Sally Hansen Smoldering Teal

Today I have Smoldering Teal from the Insta-Dri Matte collection. This is a "1-stroke, 1 coat" polish that leaves you with a matte metallic finish in 60 seconds.  This is a mermaid blue teal that leans a little green.

Sally Hansen Rose Flush

Press Sample

I have three different Sally Hansen types to start sharing with you. This line is the Insta-Dri matte which says to wear just 1 stroke, 1 coat and it dries in 60 seconds. The brush is very long so you need to watch for drips but I'm putting it to the test! The polishes claim to dry down to a matte metallic finish. This is Rose Flush and is a soft rose with golden shimmer.

China Glaze Combat Blue-TS

Press Sample

I was moving polishes from one drawer to another when I came across this beauty from China Glaze - Combat Blue-TS from the Rebel Fall 2016 collection. This is such a rich blue matte and I could not WAIT to wear it.

Vapid. Spellcaster

As I was putting up some polishes in my Helmer today, I realized that I just have so many goodies to go through - it's a little surreal sometimes. Today I have Vapid. Spellcaster from Hella Holo Customs Facebook Group in 2016. This is a really pretty burgundy linear holo base with green shimmer and shifting flakes. I pulled out my original swatch stick and am happy to see that this polish has held up over time.

cuccio Left Wanting More

Press Sample

Today I have another delicate creme from cuccio's 2019 Coquette Collection. This is Left Wanting More which is listed an an "au natural beige." It was not quite putty color but I was really jiving with it.

Great Lakes Lacquer Love At Grand Prospect

Still going strong with these PolishCon NYC 2017 polishes. Today I have Great Lakes Lacquer Love At Grand Prospect which was the VIP polish from Great Lakes. This is a coral red with microglitter that just gives an extra little shimmer going on.

cuccio Flirt

I'm throwing it back to 2019 this week with the cuccio "Coquette Collection" from Spring 2019. If you've been a long-time reader, you may remember that 2019 was a roller coaster of a year. While I was rearranging my Helmers, I found this 8 piece collection that is flirty, sassy and delicate all at the same time. I'm starting off strong with Flirt, a pure cotton white creme.

Different dimension Enchant-mint

When I originally grabbed Different dimension Enchant-mint, a teal-mint holographic polish with a light blue & purple shimmer, I thought "Nah, not for me." But then I put it on and gosh, I forgot how much I love this color! This was from the Holo Hookup Enchanted Forest August 2017 box.

Girly Bits A Stripper Has Been Sleeping In My Bed

This polish is a fun one. This is Girly Bits A Stripper Has Been Sleeping In My Bed and it's chock full of glitter in a clear base.

Different dimension Rejoice

It's so weird how sometimes my blog feels like a time capsule. Google tells me I get traffic but where are y'all? Today I have Different dimension Rejoice, which is a silver linear holographic from the Homespun Holidays 2016 collection.

ILNP Currant

I'm halfway through the Studio Color polish from ILNP - today it's Currant, which is a rich plum purple polish. I was most excited for this polish and it's just as vampy as I thought.

KBShimmer Dust In The Bottle

I'm a sucker for holographic glitter top coat like KBShimmer Dust In The Bottle from the Summer 2015 collection. Mine has seen a little evaporation over the years but it's still pretty and applies easily.

ILNP Caramel

I have another Studio Color polish from ILNP - today it's Caramel, which is a rich orange-brown polish. I wasn't originally feeling this color but it's such a beautiful fall color.

Cupcake Polish Field of Flowers

I was randomly pulling polishes out of a box next to my desk that I had already made swatch sticks for and today is Cupcake Polish Field of Flowers from the Holo Hookup August 2017 box. Originally, this was a medium purple/lavender polish with blue flash but mine has faded quite a bit into more of a pink/lavender.

ILNP Rosewood

Nothing To Disclose

Recently, ILNP released a 4-set of their new Studio Color polishes as their Fall Serenade Bundle. This line is made of highly pigmented solid-colored cremes - perfect for anyone starting out with some staples. This is listed as a soft pink terracotta creme.

Ninja Polish Mind

Press Sample

If you're an OG in the indie world, you may remember Ninja Polish which started off with polishes like Floam and Sticks n Stones. After awhile, Ninja came out with their own line of polishes including the Infinity Gems collection that included this beautiful sapphire jewel toned blue named Mind.

KBShimmer What Are You Wading For?

Today I have KBShimmer What Are You Wading For? a denim blue holographic polish from Summer 2015. This color is unique for sure, but how did it wear after 8 years of sitting in my home?

Morgan Taylor Lace 'Em Up

Today's blue is a very vampy and almost leans purple. This is Morgan Taylor Lace 'Em Up, and it's a highly pigmented creme.

Cupcake Polish Let Your Gourd Down

I have another polish from Cupcake Polish's "Fall Fancies" collection. This is Cupcake Polish Let Your Gourd Down, a deep jewel toned sapphire blue and is a linear holographic.

Morgan Taylor West Coast Cool

So why am I in such a blue mood? Honestly, I've always loved blue just as much as I love purple but they really didn't have blue nail polish when I was a kid. I love how blue looks on nails and it helps that my alma mater's is blue so I justify all my purchases. Today I have Morgan Taylor West Coast Cool, which is a neon electric blue. 

KBShimmer Purr-fectly Paw-some

I do love a good polish pun and today I have KBShimmer Purr-fectly Paw-some, a light metallic blue holographic polish from Spring 2016 collection.

Girly Bits V.I.Polish PolishCon NYC 2017

I must admit, I fully miss the high point of indie blogging when conventions were something I really looked forward to. Today I have Girly Bits V.I.Polish - PolishCon NYC 2017. This was my first time in New York and I was just in love with the whole thing. This polish is a medium turquoise with some flakies and is a linear holographic. 

ella + mila third time's a charm

I really like that I can find ella + mila at my local Target stores and see the polishes up close and personal. Today I have third time's a charm from the birthday collection. This is a dark teal that has a lot of green to it.

Morgan Taylor Varsity Jacket Blues

Morgan Taylor didn't always have the flat paddle brush and today's color, Varsity Jacket Blues, from the Casual Cool 2014 collection, is one with the round brush. I find it so much harder for me personally to apply with a round brush but I make it work. This is a medium light blue that does not have any green tint to it.

ella + mila plead the fifth

Another blue for today - this is more of a robin's egg blue. Today I have ella + mila plead the fifth from the Birthday collection. This definitely leans more green than blue to me especially when I'm looking at everything blue on my desk.

Morgan Taylor Gaston And On And On

I really have enjoyed wearing Morgan Taylor polishes especially with the wide brush they have. Today I have Gaston And On And On, which is a baby blue creme from the Beauty and the Beast collection that came out in 2017.

Cupcake Polish Owl Always Love You

Nothing To Disclose

I'm definitely in my blue era and seeing what I love and what needs to go to a new home. Today I have Cupcake Polish Owl Always Love You from the 2016 Fall Fancies collection. This baby blue with a linear holographic finish did not want to come out and play in my lightbox.

Morgan Taylor Making Waves

Press Sample

I've been going through a blue phase with nails. First, it was a red phase, and now it's blue. Today I have Morgan Taylor Making Waves, which is a rich royal blue that dries down matte. This polish came out in 2014 as part of the Island Treasures collection, but I got it as part of a sample pack of polishes from Morgan Taylor in a beautiful acrylic box as a press package. Additionally, Gelish has a color also named Making Waves, but it has a blue shimmer to it and this is a straight creme.

ella + mila fourth wish

Happy Friday! Today I have ella + mila fourth wish from the Birthday collection. This is a true red creme that belongs in every collection.

Fair Maiden Northern Exposure

Nothing To Disclose

I cannot believe it's already August. I feel like I say this all the time but this year has blown by. Today I tried out Fair Maiden Northern Exposure, which was an Indie Expo Canada 2017 event exclusive. This is a light purple with pink shimmer and scattered holo.

ella + mila in line for wine

Today I have ella + mila in line for wine from the Elite collection. This merlot wine red creme actually has a matte finish which makes for an interesting look.

Cupcake Polish Apple-y Ever After

Nothing To Disclose

Another day, another red holographic polish. I do have a weakness for these things. Today I have Cupcake Polish Apple-y Ever After and it's gorgeous.

KBShimmer Kerrie

Back in 2019, KBShimmer announced her Pretty Revenge Duo, and I immediately bought it. I reviewed Jordana back in 2020 but hadn't worn the counterpart, Kerrie, until now. This is a vibrant red with holographic glitter that does try down matte but I'm all about the top coat.

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue

Nothing To Disclose

In today's TikTok "NPC Live" world, I find myself missing the simpler days of blogging, especially when I find my bottle of Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, a beautiful blue creme. This was THE color to wear back in the day, and when Sally Hansen reformulated the color, the world went mad. Not really, but it was a sad day for several of the OG Nail Girls and Guys who really adored this color. I even tried to buy the last of the original bottles before my local stores got the new version but now I can't find those bottles either.

colors by llarowe Fall In Love With Chicago

Nothing To Disclose

Today's polish is from PolishCon Chicago 2016. This is colors by llarowe Fall In Love With Chicago and it's this shifty red to purple polish with shimmer. Above, you see lots of red, right? Keep reading.

ella + mila eighth wonder

Today I have ella + mila eighth wonder from the birthday collection, which is listed as a raspberry wine. This is another staple I feel for anyone's collection.

Digital Nails Red Wedding

Nothing To Disclose

I really miss how Digital Nails tapped into the fandoms of the day or memes of the minute. Today I have Digital Nails Red Wedding, a nod to Game of Thrones massacre from the third book "A Sword of Swords." This polish is packed with multiple sizes of red glitter in a tinted red base.

ella + mila sixth fix

I love dusty rose polishes. Today I have ella + mila sixth fix from the birthday collection, which is listed as a dark salmon pink. I am obsessed with this color.

Starrily Ultima

Nothing To Disclose

I love silver holographic glitter polishes. It's the magpie in me. Today I have Starrily Ultima, which was one of my first indie polishes purchased. It's like crushed diamonds on your nails. This is really best under a base coat (like a grey) or sponged on but y'all know I don't have time for that.