Zoya Violetta

Today, I have the final Zoya Spring 2024 Bloom Collection glitter polish called Violetta , and it's a warm violet with holographic aqua and rose gold glitter.

Holo Taco Violet Nightmares

Nothing To Disclose

During one of my Instagram swaps from Pookie's Polish Swap was this bottle of Holo Taco Violet Nightmares. This is a beautiful royal purple holographic polish.

Zoya Rhiannon

I have another Zoya 2024 Spring Bloom Collection polish today. This is Rhiannon, and it's a vibrant icy blue with holographic, aqua and white microglitter.

ellagee Rainbows All Over Your Blues

Press Sample 

Pulled out another oldie today. This is ellagee Rainbows All Over Your Blues, and it's a navy blue base with scattered holographic flame.

Zoya Hyacinth

Moving on to the glitters from the Zoya 2024 Spring Bloom Collection, today I have Hyacinth, which is a candy pink with microfine holographic, pink and white glitter. The base is pink tinted but this is generally just a glitter.

Girly Bits Well Isn't That Special

Talk about a THROWBACK... today I have Girly Bits Well Isn't That Special, part of a 3-piece launch in 2013 for the Fall season premier of Saturday Night Live. This is a medium purple holographic with white flakes.

Zoya Frankie

Ready for a juicy red neon from Zoya? Going off my schedule to post the Zoya Color of the Month for July - Frankie! This is listed as a watermelon red neon and it's pretty spot on.

Different dimension Heaven From Hell

Today I have another Different dimension polish but this was from the Road to Polish Con 2017 series. This is Heaven From Hell, and it's a light blue based polish packed with holographic glitter and red shimmers. 

Zoya Zaria

Today I have the final creme from the Zoya Spring 2024 Bloom Collection. This is Zoya Zaria, and it's listed as a deep spring rose pink creme.

Different dimension No Sleep Til Brooklyn

I have a box of polishes next to my desk that i had made swatch sticks for back when I originally got the polishes but never got to wear them as full manicures. Today I have Different dimension No Sleep Til Brooklyn, which was from the PolishCon NYC Spring 2017 VIP bag. As you can see from my swatch stick, this was originally a light lavender polish with gold flakies.

Zoya Phoebe

Continuing with the Zoya Spring 2024 Bloom Collection, today I have Zoya Phoebe, a melon pink creme.

Zoya Fleur

Happy July! Today I have Zoya Fleur, a classic pink creme from the Spring 2024 Bloom Collection. This is a shade darker than your typical pink but it's one of four pinks in this collection.