LVX Buff

Press Sample

Today I'm showing you the newest polish from LVX from their Naked Neutrals 2019 collection. This is Buff, a sheer buttery beige. It's more beige than Vanille from the Fall Winter 2016 collection but in the same family.

Glisten & Glow Lavender Liqueur

Nothing To Disclose

I am definitely a fan of all things purple. I have a purple Keurig. I have a purple star tattoo. I have way more purple polish than I probably should. Today I have Glisten & Glow Lavender Liqueur. This was a limited edition polish that I picked up at PolishCon Chicago 2016 and it's been hiding in a box. As part of my purge, I decided to try it on. This is a light lavender holographic with some silver holo microglitter. I also just had a huge chop so check out the nubbins below!

Girly Bits Nameste Up All Night

Nothing To Disclose

The other half of Pam's gift to Jen from the "Oh Baby, Baby!" trio is Namaste Up All Night, a grey to soft blue thermal. After spending many a night up with my last newborn (who is almost 4!), this polish spoke to me in ways.

Girly Bits Womb Service

Nothing To Disclose

Today I have part two of the trio "Oh Baby, Baby!" from Girly Bits. Today's thermal Womb Service was created for Pam's other daughter Jen who is due this month. Jen is Team Green (not finding out the sex before the birth) so this polish is one option for her to wear on the big day. 

Girly Bits Reveal

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They say that the best creative types create from real life. I feel that's the dang truth for Girly Bits who recently came out with the "Oh Baby, Baby!" trio based on her two new grandchildren coming this spring. Sierra was having a girl so this polish, Reveal was created for her baby shower with it's blurple to pink color transition.