cuccio Mint Sorbet


I'm getting into the final 3 cuccio Summer 2020 Rainbow Sorbet colors and these last three were my favorites when I first saw this collection. Today I have Mint Sorbet which is an aquamarine creme. Last summer, the "Neo Mint" color was trending hard and this was an ode to it.

cuccio Peach Sorbet


I'm making my way down the line of colors from the cuccio Summer 2020 Rainbow Sorbet collection and today I have Peach Sorbet, which reminds me of a bleached neon peach creme.

cuccio Dragon Fruit Sorbet

Yesterday's cuccio Summer 2020 polish was a nice bubblegum pink but today I have its brighter older sister - Dragon Fruit Sorbet. Think Barbie pink.

cuccio Punch Sorbet

Looking for summer? Look no further than the cuccio Spring 2020 Rainbow Sorbet collection. Today I have Punch Sorbet, listed as a vivid bubblegum pink creme.

cuccio Pistachio Sorbet

I'm dialing it back a bit to Summer 2020 when cuccio came out with their Rainbow Sorbet collection. This was a fun 8 piece creme collection that helped lighten the mood of 2020. Today I have Pistachio Sorbet, an electric lime creme.