Carbon Coco Natural Teeth Whitening

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I'm obsessed with my teeth. As a child of the 90s, I went through braces like most of my peers however, I didn't keep them on long enough and so now I have a couple of permanent retainers in my mouth. The other thing I'm obsessed with is whiter teeth. In my mid 20s, I had dental trays made specifically for whitening at my dentist office and I would buy the whitener from them every few months in an effort to whiten. I've also used many over the counter products like strips and toothpastes in the past. One thing I hadn't tried yet but have been interested in was activated charcoal so when Carbon Coco reached out, I was stoked.

Dip Into Pretty Girls Night Out

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Have you checked out Dip Into Pretty yet? I've been pretty impressed with their line - it's a great starter line for someone who's just getting into polish. Today I pulled out my final color that was sent called Girls Night Out.

Morgan Taylor Don't Break My Corazon

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I got a random package last week and when I opened it, it was a FALL 2018 COLLECTION Y'ALL. I am so not ready for this. I'm working on getting those done quickly on Instagram so that you can see them but today, I decided to grab another fall beauty from the Morgan Taylor Fall 2017 "Matadora" collection called Don't Break My Corazon

Girly Bits No Such Thing as a Polish Problem

Nothing To Disclose

I cannot believe this is the last week of June already! This time next month, I'll be getting ready to attend my 8th Cosmoprof North America conference and I'm so excited. I do miss not having an indie event like we have for the past several years which is where I got to meet Pam from Girly Bits the first time! Today I have a retired shade of hers from 2014 that I picked up called No Such Thing as a Purple Problem.

Morgan Taylor Who Nose Rudolph?

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I had a really important meeting earlier this month and I decided I needed a power polish to get through it, so I grabbed this beautiful red creme from Morgan Taylor called Who Nose Rudolph? from their Wrapped in Glamour Holiday 2016 collection.