China Glaze Dat Color Dough

China Glaze is playing with my heart. So I'm almost finished with the "You Do Hue" 2019 collection with Sesame Street. When I wore Free To Be Sesame, I was so excited. So when I saw Dat Color Dough, which is a blue glitter in a clear base, I thought it was going to be the same pay off.

Tonic Jinkx

I am an absolute sucker for silver holographic polishes. They are just something that makes me happy! Today I have Tonic Jinkx, a pure silver holographic polish.

China Glaze Free To Be Sesame

Okay China Glaze, you're finally getting my attention with the "You Do Hue" 2019 collection with Sesame Street. If you've been reading awhile, you know that this collection so far hasn't been my favorite but today I have Free To Be Sesame, which is a green base jelly with rainbow reflective and green glitters. 

KBShimmer Supplies Party

Back in early 2017, I bought KBShimmer Supplies Party, from the Office Space collection. This was listed as a warm creme with metallic flakes and holo sparkle - much like their birthstone collection that I loved.

China Glaze Trash Can-Do Attitude

I'm about to get to the final half of the China Glaze "You Do Hue" 2019 collection with Sesame Street and today is another surprise. This is Trash Can-Do Attitude, and it's a metallic yellow-toned green polish.