Rogue Lacquer You Sleigh Me

Nothing To Disclose

Back in 2016, commenting pods became popular among bloggers. I decided to start one on Facebook with 20 members. We were mostly nail bloggers but also had some make up and even lifestyle bloggers. Over the years, people have come and gone but it's been a good way to (a) have engagement and (b) for me to read about what other bloggers are doing, wearing, and discovering. I know that TikTok is the hot thing and Instagram has taken over for a lot of the OGs in the field but when I want to find what a polish really looks like, I turn to Google and I get... blogs.

Today's purchase, You Sleigh Me by Rogue Lacquer was because I saw it on The Polished Hippy's blog. This is a "Christmas tree green with red metallic flakes" and I fell in love. I've never seen a polish like this before.

nubar Purple Aster

Press Sample

I don't know what happened in December. Granted, it was my 37th birthday in there somewhere, and there was Christmas and New Years and things just kind of melted together. Another thing that happened was my 8th wedding anniversary and to celebrate, we had family portraits taken by Sweetest Snaps Photography. I found Ashlee through a mom friend who has a daughter the same age as my middle son. I saw a photo in their house that was just breathtaking of her and her two girls and I asked who did them and she told me about Sweetest Snaps.

cuccio Lavender Sorbet

Press Sample

I get that it's almost December but I'm living for the cuccio Summer 2020 Rainbow Sorbet collection. I'm starting from the back end with Lavender Sorbet which is a light lavender leaning pink.

Morgan Taylor Don't Jump To Illusions

Press Sample

Well, Black Friday looks a little different this year for many of us, I'm sure. It's been hard for me to get into the Thanksgiving season but I'm trying. I'm about to get into some of the summer collections that I've had on my desk - never on season you know. Today I have Morgan Taylor Don't Jump To Illusions from the Platinum collection.

Morgan Taylor Can You See My Aura?

Press Sample

Happy Thanksgiving! As I mentioned before, this is my least favorite holiday but it's just because I don't eat turkey or ham or most the "traditional" dishes that you're probably about to eat. When I was a kid, my Mom did the traditional dinner ONCE... used the fine china, invited her two brothers and their families... and at the end of it, she was burned out physically and emotionally. From then on, Thanksgiving became more a day of relaxing and being thankful and less about the food. In fact, what we'd do is go to the deli the day before and get all our favorite meats, cheeses and finger foods (crackers, pickles, you know what I'm talking about) and we'd have what my mom called a "smorgasbord." However, it more resembled the charcuterie boards that I drool over on Instagram.

Today I picked Morgan Taylor Can You See My Aura? to wear. This was part of the Ullusion Platinum Collection from summer 2019. It's a white duo-chrome that shifts pink pearl. When I first saw it, I was like "Oh, that's pretty" but then it just sat on my shelf. However, the reason I pulled it now is because I'm super thankful for Morgan Taylor. They were always really nice to me at Cosmoprof North America when I'd go, and supported PolishGalore for years with press samples.