duri The Struggle Is Real

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As I mentioned yesterday, duri has a line of nail lacquers (psst: they carry gel too!) and today I have a pearlescent and sheer white with a fine, classic glitter. This is The Struggle Is Real ($8.50).

duri Systems

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 It's hard to believe that I started this blog 4,271 days ago. That's almost 12 years! I do believe I'm one of the longest (semi) active nail blogs left in the United States. One of my favorites from the beginning was duri. I used their Rejuvacote Nail Growth System for years - sometimes as just a base coat, sometimes as the full nail growth system. Much has changed in twelve years and duri has expanded their line quite a bit!

China Glaze Campfired Up!

I'm almost done with the Gone West Fall 2019 China Glaze collection! Nail polish has been a huge hobby of mine for years and sometimes I feel like I've seen them all. This is Campfired Up!, a red creme that is super opaque.

China Glaze Lawless & Flawless

My kids start school Wednesday and they are not in a year round school. While I don't feel like it's fall at all, I wanted to finish off the Gone West Fall 2019 China Glaze collection. This is Lawless & Flawless, a pink sheer with gold and copper shimmer.

Love, Indus

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My skin has taken a beating this past year between wearing masks, different diet, and of course, being sick. When Love, Indus reached out to try their Amrutini Precious Potion Vital Cream, I was excited to see how it would work for me. The founder, Surbhee Grover incorporated her rich Indian heritage with the energy of her newfound New York home.