cuccio Just A Prosecco

I know I was just wearing a silver but I have another silver today! Today is cuccio Just A Prosecco, a silver shimmer, but if you look close this actually a silver shimmer with a touch of gold metallic. This polish is from their Soiree Collection - Winter 2019.

cuccio Dance, Dance, Dance

Hello dear friends! Sorry I disappeared again. My husband and I both contracted COVID-19 (he got it while at work from a coworker) and while we weren't hospitalized, we were very sick for a couple of weeks. We are now on the mend and hoping to get back to work very soon. One of the things I wanted to do to celebrate being able to get out of bed was paint my nails! I just recently nubbinized them because they got super long and I didn't have the energy to shape them so I just chopped them off. I really have preferred no nails this past year especially when typing. This is cuccio Dance, Dance, Dance from the Soiree Collection which was their winter 2019. I have been trying to get all my cuccio's swatched so I can get them into my Helmer and out of my living room.

Morgan Taylor Vanished Before My Eyes

Press Sample

I completely forgot I had these Morgan Taylor Platinum polishes in my stash so I decided to pull Vanished Before My Eyes, which is a red/orange duochrome. This one reminds me of rose petals.

cuccio Be Current

I'm at the finale of the cuccio Fall 2019 Bella Natura collection with Be Current, a egglant purple creme. I think this was the polish I was most excited for because I love a good purple creme in my life.

cuccio Natural State

I'm getting to the end of the cuccio Fall 2019 Bella Natura collection with today's Natural State, a Tuscan brown creme. This does have orange tones to it but it reminded me more of milk chocolate than anything. I've been really enjoying milk chocolate with almonds lately so this may be a food related thing. Don't eat your nail polish though.