Ever After Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

I am such a sucker for holographic glitter. When I first saw Ever After Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, I just had to have it. This was a 2017 release along with 2 other polishes in a "Beatles" trio. This is a holographic glitter in a very light lilac base.

Zoya Yohanna Petite

Only two left from the Zoya Summer 2023 Beachy Brights collection and this is another Petite that was brought back for Beachy Brights 2 Summer 2024 collection. This is Yohanna, a Barbie pink neon.

Vapid. D.A.B. 2019

Today I have an oldie but a goodie - Vapid D.A.B. 2019 which stands for Down Ass Bitch. This is a beautiful purple with pink shimmer and linear holographic flame. This is part of the trio that is Ride or Die and Cyber Punk.

Zoya Avani Petite

Here's another "Petite" today from the Summer 2023 Beachy Brights. This is Avani, which was also brought back in the Summer 2024 Beachy Brights 2. This is a neon lime green

bohemian polish paved with diamonds

Nothing To Disclose

Okay, I know I JUST posted a charcoal black holographic polish but this is different! I got this polish ages ago from bohemian polish called paved with diamonds, and it's a smooth, linear holo without any of the holographic glitter.