Ciate London forbidden fruit

Press Sample

The finale in the Ciate London Gelology collection is forbidden fruit, a color shifting oil sick of red and green. I thought I was just bored with this color combination but I ended up actually wearing this as a full manicure to work!

China Glaze Disco Ball Drop

Press Sample

When I first saw China Glaze Disco Ball Drop from the Glam Finale collection, I was hoping that this was more than just a glitter bomb in a bottle. However, as soon as I opened the bottle, I found out that this was just multiple sizes of rainbow reflective and silver glitters in a clear base so I decided to layer it over my existing China Glaze New Year, New Boo manicure.

China Glaze New Year, New Boo

Press Sample

I love vampy blues on nubbins so I was stoked to try out China Glaze New Year, New Boo from the Glam Finale collection. This is a super dark midnight blue with just a hint of shimmer to make it dance in the light.

Jamberry Envy

Press Sample

When I originally saw Jamberry Envy, I thought "Nope, not my color" so it's been sitting on my desk for awhile. However, now that I'm rebuilding my entire polish spreadsheet from scratch and don't want to waste time putting in polishes that I'm giving away, I've really been working hard to go through my stash and see what I'm keeping and what I'm not.

Different Dimension Bean There, Done That

Nothing To Disclose

I've been to Chicago three times now and I have yet to go to the Bean, which is actually called Cloud Gate (keep that for trivia night!). Mostly because the times I've been in Chicago, I've been busy during the day and only had free time at night. Eventually I'm sure that I'll get over there at take my iconic picture but for now I just have Different Dimension Bean There, Done That, a limited edition polish from PolishCon Chicago 2016.