Morgan Taylor Mauve Your Feet

Every once in awhile, I like to grab a neutral polish to try and "cleanse" the palette. Considering how many glitters, holos and shimmers I own, it's nice to have a simple creme.

Great Lakes Lacquer Love At Hyatt Regency

Nothing To Disclose

2017 was a huge year of travel for me going across the country to be at different conventions including Indie Expo Canada, hosted by Girly Bits Cosmetics. It was my first time to Canada and I was very pleased by the polite people and clean atmosphere. I even took a public train and didn't get lost!

Sphynx - Portable Razor

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Happy Makeup Monday! Today I'm giving my nails a break and wanted to share this really cute portable razor that I got at Cosmoprof North America last year! I went to their media luncheon and Sphynx was one of the beauty brands that was exhibiting. On top of the idea being awesome, the packaging is super cute. Sphynx comes in four colors - Pink Me Up, Teal The Deal, Berry Haute and Black In Style and is available for $14.99 on their website.

LVX Seychelle

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I'm continuing on my personal Purge and it's been interesting seeing what colors I tend to gravitate to and what I THINK I like vs what really looks good on my nails. Granted, it all comes down to personal taste but I tend to surprise myself time and time again.

Bliss Polish VIP @ IEC

Nothing To Disclose

In 2017, I went to Canada for the first time to go to Indie Expo Canada, hosted by Girly Bits Cosmetics. One of the brands that was participating in the VIP bags was Bliss Polish and today I grabbed this coral shimmer to wear. It's sweetly named VIP @ IEC.

China Glaze Queen of Sequins

Time for a rockstar manicure because it's Wednesday and I have exactly two months before my largest event of 2018 at work. So I pulled out a China Glaze polish from the winter 2017 The Glam Finale collection.

Tonic Bleeding Heart Sunset

Nothing To Disclose

It's been fun shopping my stash and finding polishes that I forgot I bought. Especially in 2017 - I had so much fun at PolishCon, The Indie Shop and Indie Expo Canada because it really reminded me what indies are all about - the people.

Food Isn't The Enemy


I am officially introducing other foods back into my diet, slowly, but one thing that I've learned in my last few months of Medifast is this... Food isn't the enemy.

Morgan Taylor Ole My Way

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I love wearing dark colors on short nails so today I reached for the Spain inspired collection from the Fall 2017 Morgan Taylor collection.

Glisten & Glow Jukebox & Jitterbug

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As I slowly clean out the rest of my polishes, I'm finding gems in my own collection that I've forgotten about. Today's polish was in a box on my desk and I thought today was a good day to bust it out.

Vapid. Unicorn Egg

Nothing To Disclose

Have you heard of the Vapid Purge? This was my first year to participate - it's a once a year blowout sale held at the end of the year while Vapid is on their winter break. For some, it's a gold mine of limited editions/runs, prototypes, one-offs and awesome polishes.

Caption Enough Already

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I was pretty stoked when Pantone announced their 2018 Color of the Year was going to be Ultra Violet. I'm a huge fan of all things purple so I started looking around for what purple polishes were going to be big in 2018.

New Year, New Me!


Almost 20 weeks ago, I started my Medifast journey, and I was nervous about how I was going to survive without my sugary sodas and favorite fast foods. I also scoffed at the idea of having to eat six times a day and worried about headaches and stomach issues.

Roaring 20s Manicure!

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Happy 2018! Did you do anything fun on New Year's Eve? This year, we had a Roaring 20's party at work and originally I hadn't planned on getting dressed up but then something sparked in me and thank you Amazon Prime - I got all glammed up.