New Year, New Me!


Almost 20 weeks ago, I started my Medifast journey, and I was nervous about how I was going to survive without my sugary sodas and favorite fast foods. I also scoffed at the idea of having to eat six times a day and worried about headaches and stomach issues.

If one of your New Year's Resolutions is to change how you view food, I can now confidently say that Medifast has been the answer for me. I knew that I had an unhealthy relationship when I could be hiding food from my own family in my car or eating in parking lots. I also was mindlessly eating and drinking while watching tv or at work.

I was pleasantly surprised not to have crazy headaches or horrible food cravings, and extremely happy that I didn't have any stomach issues. There are so many fad diets out there that end up ruining your stomach or making you sick, and Medifast did not do that for me.

And while I did deviate a few times off the system, Medifast set up a foundation for me to change my lifestyle of eating. Smaller, more protein rich meals with less sugar are now what I'm reaching for and I'm eating every 2-3 hours which keeps my metabolism moving. I never did make it to the gym the past 20 weeks, but I am still determined to add it into my schedule.

Now it's time for the photo proof. 

This is one of my favorite dresses and what really hit me was how swollen my stomach AND my legs were back in September. I've had issues with swelling for quite some time but chalked it up to my arthritis issues. Now I really feel it's more of a food issue and I'm inquiring in allergy testing with my doctor. Now I can slip on my Tieks without any effort where before, I felt like I was squeezing my feet in them like sausage casings.

Side view - again, it blows my mind how "out there" my stomach was. I have dropped several pant sizes and was able to actually order my 1920s dress from the Internet AND IT FIT which is such a huge victory for me.

Here's my other set of photos and this REALLY shows how much my stomach shrunk. If you recall, I had another miscarriage last March (my second) and it really put me in a depressive place especially with food.

It's not as obvious head on but I feel that you can see my thighs have shrunk too! I used to have to wear the anti-chafing gel when I wore dresses and I don't have to anymore. Another non-scale victory that really made me happy.

And finally the other profile. Now I'm excited to keep going! I do still have some of the shakes and Lean and Green meals left in my cabinet and I'm going to finish them off. I really did enjoy the taste and the way it made me full after eating. 

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