cuccio Blueberry Sorbet

I actually really love blue nail polish. I know that when I was in high school, blue polish was NOT a thing but now you can literally find any shade you want. Today's cuccio Rainbow Sorbet color from the Summer 2020 collection is Blueberry Sorbet. This was one of the shades I was most interested in wearing.

cuccio Mint Sorbet


I'm getting into the final 3 cuccio Summer 2020 Rainbow Sorbet colors and these last three were my favorites when I first saw this collection. Today I have Mint Sorbet which is an aquamarine creme. Last summer, the "Neo Mint" color was trending hard and this was an ode to it.

cuccio Peach Sorbet


I'm making my way down the line of colors from the cuccio Summer 2020 Rainbow Sorbet collection and today I have Peach Sorbet, which reminds me of a bleached neon peach creme.

cuccio Dragon Fruit Sorbet

Yesterday's cuccio Summer 2020 polish was a nice bubblegum pink but today I have its brighter older sister - Dragon Fruit Sorbet. Think Barbie pink.

cuccio Punch Sorbet

Looking for summer? Look no further than the cuccio Spring 2020 Rainbow Sorbet collection. Today I have Punch Sorbet, listed as a vivid bubblegum pink creme.

cuccio Pistachio Sorbet

I'm dialing it back a bit to Summer 2020 when cuccio came out with their Rainbow Sorbet collection. This was a fun 8 piece creme collection that helped lighten the mood of 2020. Today I have Pistachio Sorbet, an electric lime creme.

cuccio Purr-fect

It's time for the finale of the cuccio Spring 2021 Kittens and Canines collection - the first vegan line for this 12-Free brand. Today I have Purr-fect, a rich olive-green creme. When I originally saw this color, I wasn't in love but wait until you see it on!

cuccio Fur-ocious

Yesterday was a neutral brown creme but today from the cuccio Spring 2021 Kittens and Canines collection, I have Fur-ocious, a deep nude creme. This is literally like a drop darker than Fug-get About It.

cuccio Pug-Get About It

The cuccio Spring 2021 Kittens and Canines collection is coming to a close and today I have a neutral fawn creme (light brown) called Pug-Get About It. I'm seriously living for these puns.

cuccio Not Right Meow

Press Sample

I'm on the back half of the cuccio Spring 2021 Kittens and Canines collection and these are all more nudes/browns/and one surprise olive color at the end. While I'm definitely wishing for spring, I know that most of the country is in freezing temps today. To kick it off, I'm wearing Not Right Meow, a putty tone neutral creme.

cuccio Feline Fine!

Today from the cuccio Spring 2021 Kittens and Canines collection, I have my second favorite shade called Feline Fine! and yes, that's with an exclamation mark. This is a soft baby blue creme that is just a bit more pigmented than Are You Kitten Me? but is the same make up.

cuccio B.F.Fur-Ever

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Y'all know how much I love purple. It's absolutely my favorite color so I'm so glad that the cuccio Spring 2021 Kittens and Canines collection had this bright light purple creme called B.F.Fur-Ever. This is a perfect spring color and reminds me of Easter which is super early this year.

cuccio Fur-Well 2020

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I was so glad to see 2020 go. It's funny, we all thought it was going to be a roaring good year but eh, I'd beg to differ. Today's cuccio Spring 2021 "Kittens and Canines" color is Fur-Well 2020, a concrete grey creme. This is definitely a darker color - the darkest in the collection but since we do still have 6 more weeks of winter, it works.

cuccio Are You Kitten Me?

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When I heard that cuccio's Spring 2021 collection was called Kittens and Canines, I was all here for the puns. This natural tones was a heartfelt tribute to some of best friends of the pandemic... our pets! Today I have Are You Kitten Me? which is a soft pink creme. Think like grey with a drop of red because it's a super super super pale color yet opaque!

LVX Legendaire

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Where did January go? On the one hand, it went on FOREVER and the other hand, it flew past me. I've been on a purple kick lately, and after wearing Purple Aster and Lavender Sorbet I wanted to keep the purple going so today is LVX Legendaire. This is a gorgeous lavender creme that was part of their Fall/Winter 2012 collection.