cuccio Pistachio Sorbet

I'm dialing it back a bit to Summer 2020 when cuccio came out with their Rainbow Sorbet collection. This was a fun 8 piece creme collection that helped lighten the mood of 2020. Today I have Pistachio Sorbet, an electric lime creme.

I started with ella + mila Cover Your Bases ridge filling base coat, 3 coats of polish and finished with cuccio High Gloss top coat. As you'll see, I chopped my nails off in haste so now I'm growing out again. This polish was a little patchier than I'd like and I almost needed 4 coats. It didn't help that we're running the heater in the house so the temperature is messing with my painting.

This is a happy lime that definitely has its place in any collection. Reminds me of a margarita, which I wish I had one right now! I'll be working through the rest of the collection next week and you can also check out Lavender Sorbet here.

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