cuccio Why, Hello!

Only two more from the cuccio 2019 Coquette Collection! This is Why, Hello! and is listed as an airy, yet grounded sage crème. 

Bee's Knees Laquer Area 51

I have one more BKL from my last secret swap and today it's Bee's Knees Lacquer (BKL) Area 51. This is a green matte with green shimmer. This is seriously a green grass polish, perfect for St. Patrick's Day.

cuccio Follow Your Butterflies

I'm finishing up the cuccio 2019 Coquette Collection and today I have Follow Your Butterflies, a tranquil cool blue creme.

Bee's Knees Lacquer Turn Back

Nothing To Disclose

I'm getting through the rest of my secret swap stashes and today I have Bee's Knees Lacquer (BKL) Turn Back, from the Radio Rental collection. This was part of their 5 year anniversary release. This is a red-gold-green multichrome with emerald green reflective glitter. The bottle is magical.

cuccio Take Your Breath Away

The cuccio's 2019 Coquette Collection was quite delicate and today's Take Your Breath Away is no exception. This is listed as a powdery purple creme.

Jen & Berries You're Living In A Vacuum

Nothing To Disclose

When I first got this jen & berries You're Living In A Vacuum in my secret swap, I wasn't sure what to make of it. I hadn't heard of the brand before but also in low light, this looked like just another greige polish. This polish was originally released in the Polish Pick Up September 2022 "Scary Vibes" but this bottle is from the July 2023 rewind..

Zoya Candy

Zoya is back with their April Color of the Month and this is Candy, a white pink candy creme that goes beyond just pastel. 

cuccio Wink

I'm halfway through the cuccio's 2019 Coquette Collection with Wink, a dusty pink creme. I tend to gravitate to these types of soft pinks when I'm over the holo and sparkle.

Wildflower Lacquer Perhaps a Christmas Gourd

Nothing To Disclose

Another new-to-me indie brand today! This is Wildflower Lacquer Perhaps a Christmas Gourd. This was a Polish Pickup Rewind "Tis the Season" from 2023. It's a beautiful deep red metallic with a hint of orange shimmer. I am absolutely obsessed with this color.

cuccio Bite Your Lip

I started swatching the cuccio's 2019 Coquette Collection back in October and then life got in the way, as it does. Today I'm back with Bite Your Lip, a lukewarm nude creme. This gave me serious manniquin hands!

Pahlish Wind Fish

Nothing To Disclose

Today, I have another polish from one of my recent secret swaps, and this brand is new to me. This is Pahlish Wind Fish, a test batch polish that is aqua blue with a red-orange shift and holo. I don't own anything like this.

Lῡmen Nails Night Flight

Nothing To Disclose

Today I have a new-to-me indie brand that I received in a polish swap. This is Lῡmen Nails Night Flight, and it's a beautiful light purple/pink base with tons of holographic glitter and a purple shimmer. I'm blown away.

Different dimension Freedom

Nothing To Disclose

When spring hits, I love bringing out my white polishes, mostly for pedicures, but today I pulled out Different dimension Freedom, which is a snow white base with holographic microglitter. This was released in 2016 as part of the All American Collection.

Bee's Knees Lacquer I Was Almost A Pancake

I feel like every time I wear Bee's Knees Lacquer, the bottle has changed. Today I have I Was Almost A Pancake, from the Resident Evil 4 collection. This is listed as a grape purple with gold to red multichrome shimmer.

Zoya Love

Somehow I missed posting the February Color Of The Month from Zoya named Love. This is a raspberry base with tons of small and medium red glitter.

Zoya Lucky

It's quite fitting that the Zoya's limited edition color of the month for March was a vibrant leafy green. This is Lucky, a green base with lots of gold and blue glitter, perfect for St. Patrick's Day.


Yesterday, I was invited to speak for Career Day at a local middle school and one of the things I mentioned was my beauty blog and how I'm officially the second longest-running, nails-only niche beauty blog in the United States (second to xoxo, Jen) and I realized that I hadn't posted in awhile! I have a lot of polish here to play with and I'm really wanting to get some organization under me again. Today I decided to wear ILNP Lily from the new Velvet collection. This is a lilac base with subtle holo and silver magnetic particles. The way that the magnetic pulls, you get more of a crushed-velvet look on the nails.

Bee's Knees Lacquer You Conjured Me Out of Hope

Nothing To Disclose

As I mentioned before, I was part of two Secret Santa type swaps this holiday season, and in my Instragram swap from Pookie's Polish Swap, I got this amazing Bee's Knees Lacquer called You Conjured Me Out of Hope. This was from a 2022 mystery bag polish that had something called "Ghost Flakes" as well as light reflective glitter. From the maker: "Ghost flakes are the largest particle size of UP (unicorn pee!). They aren't quite as sparkly because they're denser and more flake-like, but they have the same hard color shift. Lastly, these polishes have half the amount of light reflective glitter we have been using so it adds some depth without taking away from the ghost flakes." This is an indigo polish with gold to green ghost flakes and an emerald light reflective glitter.

Sally Hansen Wild Card

I have one last Sally Hansen Mega Strength today and it's a lovely gold glitter with small rainbow reflective glitter called Wild Card. Because I wasn't sure how opaque it was, I ended up putting it over yesterday's polish.

Sally Hansen Class Act

I'm finishing off the last couple of Sally Hansen Mega Strength polishes and today I have a squishy red jelly called Class Act.

Sally Hansen Slay All Day

I completely forgot I had 3 more of the Sally Hansen Mega Strength polishes here on my desk so I thought I'd finish them off before moving to another collection of polishes. Today I have Slay All Day, which is a pink base with fuchsia shimmer.

Sweet Heart Polish Summer Nights in Seoul

Nothing To Disclose

Last month, I participated in two "Secret Santa" type swaps. The first one was called "Destashing Through The Snow" from the Facebook Group "PUT THE POLISH DOWN." This is a fun group where polishoholics can talk about new releases, share swatches, talk about how long we've gone since purchases and more. The only rule was to send at least one polish to your partner. Sarah was my partner and she really send me some amazing new brands that I hadn't tried before.micro-shimmer

Today I'm using Sweet Heart Polish Summer Nights in Seoul, which was from the March 2023 PPU (Polish Pickup). This is a light purple base with magenta flakies and blue micro-shimmer.

Zoya Vienna

I misunderstood Zoya's limited edition color of the month collection. For some reason, I thought that Vienna was the January color but it's actually the December color. This is a brilliant gold metallic with iridescent hex shimmer, irregular flakies, gold and iridescent micro shimmer, and fine white pearl.

Sally Hansen Wine Stock

Today is my last Sally Hansen Miracle Gel™ polishes to review and it's Wine Stock. This is a deep red creme leaning purple. It's a very vampy, holiday color!

Sally Hansen Can't Beet Royalty

I only have two more Sally Hansen Miracle Gel™ polishes to review and today is Can't Beet Royalty. I had high hopes for this polish since I really loved the Beet, Pray, Love from the other day. This is a deep red creme.

Sally Hansen Apollo You Anywhere

Happy New Year! I'm starting the year off with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel™ Apollo You Anywhere. This is melon pink with golden shimmer.