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As a blogger (and not a licensed professional), I don't have as much access to beauty products, so I tend to buy online quite often. It's cheaper for me to spend $10 on shipping than to drive the 45 minutes to my nearest Ulta or Sephora. I do have a Sally's Beauty Supply but I find my store to be quite picked over before I am able to go in there to shop, leaving me with little selection.

Back in August 2012, a company called Beauty Stop Online asked if they could send me some nail polishes for review or a giveaway. I browsed their website to find that they offered older collections of polishes - which I already own quite a bit of older collections when I was so obsessed with owning ALL THE POLISHES. I said I would be happy to write a review, but wasn't sure what they wanted me to review - the product or their website. I was told a little bit of both would work.

In September, I chose 2 China Glaze polishes, 2 Essie polishes and 2 ORLY polishes. Nine days later I was told that only the China Glaze would be shipped, the other 4 were on back order and Beauty Stop Online was not sure they would be restocked. I was offered the opportunity to pick more polishes, but I declined.

My polishes arrived in the following box.
Now, I've blurred out my address and I was the one who tore open the white label but the flaps out and the box in that shape? Yeah that's how it arrived.

Inside was the following.
One crumpled piece of brown paper and no other packaging inside the white China Glaze box... no bubble wrap, no packing peanuts, and no tape to close anything.  Additionally, there wasn't a packing slip, receipt or any correspondence inside either.

I received the following China Glaze.

China Glaze #101 Secrets 70319
China Glaze #172 Royal Tease 70537

It's been almost 4 months since this incident and I went to check the website again and I don't see much improvement in the polish department. The "newest" collection for China Glaze is Halloween Haunting.

As for follow up information, Beauty Stop Online again offered to send me additional polishes for the 4 that I didn't receive (I declined a second time) and then asked how I liked my Essie & ORLY polishes. (Remember, those are the four I didn't receive.)

I'm not sure how this speaks to a consumer because sometimes companies offer special services to bloggers, like hand packing the order or adding in additional items. I don't know if Beauty Stop Online sent this order through their shipping department like they would for a normal customer or if they were hand packed.

I don't think I would voluntarily purchase from this website again based on this experience. I know other bloggers have enjoyed working with this company in the past both on reviews and giveaways so I'm just one fish in this big sea.

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SensatioNail's 2013 Nail Color Collection

SensatioNail has expanded their Color Gel Polish to add in 48 new colors!  Please enjoy the following.

SensatioNail™ Color Gel Polish now comes in 48 of the most-wanted, fashion-trend colors! Their proprietary, 3-free formula has a unique polymer technology that glides on smoothly in minutes, and is flash-cured in 60 seconds for a radiantly resilient finish that will last for up to two weeks without chipping, peeling or fading! From delicate pinks and intense berries to black—including traditional and shimmering finishes—these saturated hues boast a super gloss shine unlike any other lacquer. Color Gel Polish must be used in tandem with the SensatioNail PRO 3060 LED LAMP (included in the Starter Kit), and will provide users with 20 gel manicure applications.

1. File and lightly buff the natural nail.
2. Using the Lint-Free Wipe, clean nails with Gel Cleanser. 
3. Apply one layer of Gel Primer to nail and air dry. 
4. Apply a thin layer of the Gel Base & Top Coat. Avoid skin and cuticle. Cure for 30 seconds. 
5. Apply a thin layer of your favorite fall Color Gel Polish. Avoid the skin and cuticle. Cure for 60 seconds. Apply a second layer of the Color Gel Polish. Cure for 60 seconds. 
6. Apply a thin layer of the Gel Base & Top Coat. Cure for 30 seconds. 
7. Remove the moisture layer using the Gel Cleanser and Lint-Free wipes.

Removal: Color Gel Polish can be removed with the SensatioNail Gel Polish Removal Kit or 100% acetone.

SensatioNail Spring 2013 Color Collection will be available in February 2013 major food, drug and mass merchandisers.

Layla Caviar 10 Mambo

2013 is all about texture and microbeads or "caviar" is part of that rage. The concept is fairly simple - apply beads to a wet coat of polish and seal (or don't - I didn't!).

I used a base coat of Layla Softouch 9 "Aqua Zen" which is a pretty turquoise and then I poured the C-10 "Mambo" microbeads over a small bowl to catch the extra. Layla says not to seal with a top coat, so I decided not to. The photo above is right after I applied the microbeads. I lightly pressed them down into my nail and went to bed.

Sorry for the ridiculously out of focus shot. Overnight, the beads seemed to change colors! Instead of all being teal, now some were teal and silver. You can also see the tip lost pretty much all its beads in a solid line.

This is after lunch, just going about my daily routine. Quite a bit of lost beads but hey, the patterns looks cool!

This is 12 hours later - you can see that I lost about 50% of the beads. Now my day job consists of being a mom and a front desk secretary, so... take that how you will. I'd like to try again with top coat in the future but for me, this is definitely an accent nail look - not a full manicure look. I used regular nail polish remove to take the beads and polish off which meant that they were not reusable for me.

Furthermore the price point is a little high for me. When the caviar craze first started, I bought a package of colored microbeads from JoAnn's "Reflections" for $10. It contained 6 different colors so ... 

Layla Caviar Effect ranges between $10-$13 depending on the retailer.

Layla Cosmetics is distributed to the US through the Luxcon Group who has a Facebook Page to several online websites including Ninja PolishZappos, AVEYOU, Brigette's Boutique, Amazon, and Drugstore.  It is also available at Ulta.

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States Looking to Deregulate Beauty Professionals

I am not a licensed cosmetologist but I have a tremendous appreciation for what they do. I don't cut my own hair, I don't wax my own eyebrows, I don't give myself manicures or pedicure... for each and every one of those services, I go to a beauty professional whether it's in a spa, a salon or a stand alone shop.

Five USA states have introduced bills to deregulate those in the beauty profession. This means that anyone can open a shop preforming beauty services, without the proper licensing and education. This is pretty appalling to me, as chemicals are being used and correct sanitation services are highly important between clients.

The five USA states are
-South Dakota
and my pride and joy that I call home, Texas.

Tabatha Coffey, along with the PBA are trying to get the message out to those professionals who are about to see their licenses mean literally nothing, that they can do something NOW.

You can get more information from the PBA here on how to get the word out, who to contact and how to get involved. Let's keep the professional stuff to the professionals! Nothing wrong with wanting to DIY but if I'm paying someone to do it, I want to make sure they are properly licensed!

Gelish MINI: An Experience Take 2

I was slightly skeptical but also interested to receive a Gelish MINI set from Nail and Harmony. Gelish is the professional only brand, Gelish MINI is the consumer brand (also available at Sally's Beauty Supply).

Because I wasn't ready to gel myself (haha), I decided to force my co-worker to let me do her nails. She's a tomboy who tends to chew her nails, so I didn't know how much of a challenge this would be. She told me I could paint her middle fingers.

The application booklet that came with the kit was very straight forward (which is great) and I felt pretty confident that I could do this.

First I had to prepare her nail. I applied Gelish Cleanser (the blue larger blue bottle) to a lent free wipe and wiped the nail plate. Then I pushed back her cuticle with an orange stick. Then I used the cushion file to remove the shine on her nail and used the Gelish Cleanser again to remove any dust from the nail.

Next is the Gelish pH Bond (bottle with orange writing on the right) which dries instantly on the nail. Then a thin coat of Gelish Foundation Gel was added sealing the edge. Make sure you remove any excess gel BEFORE you cure under the curing light. If there is gel on the cuticle or surrounding skin, it can cause the Gelish to lift when the excess gel is removed from the skin.

I have the LED Pro: 45 curing light so I placed her nail under for 20 seconds (manually counted). Next I applied a thin layer of Gelish Soak Off Gel Polish in June/Bride to her nail (her choice) and sealed the edge. That was cured for 45 seconds (which the lamp is made for 45 seconds so when it turned off automatically). We ended up doing 2 layers of color because it's a pink glitter that doesn't have a heavy base color.

Finally I applied Gelish Top It Off Gel Sealer and sealed the edge and let it cure for 45 seconds. After this, the nail was tacky, so it was time to remove it using the Gelish Cleanser on a lint free wipe.

She was SHOCKED that she was done - that quick! She tried to put her hands up to let the nails dry and I grabbed her hands and twisted the nails to show her that no, it's really dry.  It's DONE. (I also added some cuticle oil afterwards and rubbed her nails to show her that yes, it was really dry!)

So you can see that I got gel in BOTH cuticles on the right side of the picture but overall I was pretty proud of myself for the first time.

Now, Gelish should last up to three weeks but by the 8th day, she had peeled it off her nails (ow). She said that it came off very easily, no problems with sheeting or crumbling like I had. Will I try it again on myself? YES.

The Gelish MINI Basix Kit runs about $50 USD, and the Gelism MINI Pro 45 LED Curing Light is $70. Gelish colors runs $11-$15 per bottle.

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Sation Candylandia

When was the last time you played Candy Land? For me? It's been well over a decade but I have a young child now, so who knows! Check out this limited edition collection by Sation.

Sation sweetens the new year with Candylandia

Miss Professional Nail (Miss) has announced the launch of “Candylandia,” their Limited V nail lacquer collection. The flavored, fantasy-themed line presents 12 candy-coated colors with a mouth-watering range of confectionary names.

Candylandia was inspired by the edible escapism of Hasbro’s Candy Land board game, a classic favorite spanning six decades. Miss loved the bright, playful visuals of the swirly rainbow board, which sparked the creation of its own irresistibly sweet polish palette. This whimsical collection offers winning colors that will stir up memories of childhood imagination and endless game-playing.

Embark on a magical, manicured journey filled with fun characters and luscious lacquers. Sweeten up your new year when Candylandia hits the shelves this January.

Polish players, take your places at the Sation starting line!
AbbacaDazzle: Ta-da! You’ll go bonkers for this yummy sunflower yellow
Cast a Spill on You: A bewitching cornflower blue with a pearl sheen will hypnotize you
Chocolate Chip Resistant: A creamy cookie dough with a sugary glaze
I’m so Ogre it: Reach for this sleek steely gray for those moody mani days
Lollipop! Goes the Princess: Pucker up for this pale, pretty periwinkle
Paint Some Sugar on Me: This sparkly blue-raspberry shade will give you a sugar rush
Peppermint Pedi: Your nails will be in mint condition with this refreshing vermilion
Plenty of Frogs: A toad-ally awesome grassy green with a kiss of shimmer
Queenie in a Bottle: Blink blink blink for this royally rich pink!
Super Nail-tural Powers: A potent indigo-grape will keep your players spellbound
Unicorns are Teal: No one can clip your wings when wearing this mystical turquoise
You’re My Lacquer Charm: Cross your fingers and flash this pop-rock pink for good luck!

All Miss products are free of DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde
Miss is an MBE (Minority Business Enterprise) certified company

Eyes Bright Glamour Violet Colour Contact Lenses

Image Courtesy of Eyes Bright
I've worn glasses since I was 6 and contacts since I was 15. I did go through a phase where I wore green colored contacts but the rest of it has been boring clear contacts due to my acute astigmatism. Boo.

When Eyes Bright asked if I'd like to try on some fashion lenses, I knew I couldn't say no. They offer a little something for everyone - well, if you have perfect vision that is because these are non-prescription only.  Since I have dark eyes, I chose from the Lenses for Dark Eyes selection and ultimately received the Glamour Violet Colour Contact Lenses.

These contacts come in transit liquid and MUST be soaked and stored in a Cleaning Solution before first use.

This is first thing in the morning (yikes!) and you can tell that my left eye is not happy about contacts. The color is definitely vibrant, even with my dark brown eyes.

However, because of my really bad eyesight, I had to wear my glasses all day, which slightly detract from purple eyes. No one at work noticed I had purple contacts and neither did my husband until I showed him. His only comment was "That's weird."

The contacts did feel a bit itchy when I wore them and there were times where I felt like the colored part of the lens was slipping down and I was get a slightly blurred vision.

The Glamour Violet Contact Lenses cost £14.99/$23.83 USD, free shipping when you spend over £25.00 and the shipping was less than 2 weeks turn around. I definitely think this is a fun way to spend Halloween or maybe even the occasional night out but until I can get prescription quality, I won't be wearing them too often.  You can view these and the other lenses at Eyes Bright.

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CosmoProf and Schedulicity

I was watching Tabitha's Salon Takeover and sometimes I think it would be awesome to own a salon. I received the following press release about CosmoProf and its exclusive partnership with Schedulicity, the leader in online appointment scheduling for small businesses. Please enjoy the following.

CosmoProf, Division of Beauty Systems Group LLC, Taps Schedulicity as Preferred Scheduling Partner

Leading Online Appointment Scheduling Company Can Help CosmoProf Customers Build Successful Beauty Businesses

DENTON, TX & BOZEMAN, MT (December 13, 2012, 2012) – CosmoProf, a division of Beauty Systems Group, LLC and leading provider of professional-only salon products and support, today announced an exclusive partnership with Schedulicity, the leader in online appointment scheduling for small businesses. Through this new relationship, Schedulicity can help CosmoProf customers increase their revenue and experience profitability in the business of beauty by filling their online appointment books and significantly increasing appointment based sales.

“Schedulicity and CosmoProf share a common mission: to provide unparalleled value and resources that help beauty professionals become more successful,” said Jerry Nettuno, president and CEO of Schedulicity. “We are honored and delighted to partner with this well-established and renowned brand, and to help CosmoProf customers maximize their business potential through the power of technology.”

Schedulicity takes the effort out of time-consuming tasks by completely automating and streamlining the scheduling process for daily services. By offering online service scheduling through various digital channels (including, businesses are able to easily and effectively attract new clients, increase the frequency with which their current clients schedule appointments and concentrate on providing the best possible service during business hours.

In commenting on the announcement, John Golliher, president of Beauty Systems Group, stated: “After vetting all other scheduling solutions, Schedulicity was by far the best in breed when meeting the needs of CosmoProf customers. Schedulicity’s track record of helping stylists increase revenues cannot be ignored. This partnership brings Schedulicity’s considerable marketing prowess and broad range of online scheduling capabilities to CosmoProf’s customers.”

Nettuno concluded, “The joint venture will provide both Schedulicity and CosmoProf with great opportunities for growth and collaboration. Our goal is to unveil Schedulicity to CosmoProf customers as quickly as possible in order to provide an immediate, positive impact on the hair care industry.”

About CosmoProf
CosmoProf is the choice for over a million beauty professionals across North America. Based in Denton, Texas, CosmoProf, is a Division of Beauty Systems Group LLC, which is a subsidiary of Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc. CosmoProf is a business support group that provides professional-only salon product distribution and salon support. With now over 1,000 stores in North America and over 1,000 sales consultants, the company offers the largest assortment of professional salon brands in the industry along with a wide range of professional services including education and trade shows.  To learn more, please visit or CosmoProf’s Facebook Page.

About Schedulicity
Schedulicity is the leading online appointment scheduling solution for small businesses. To date, 17+ million appointments have been booked through Schedulicity in more than 2,300 cities across the U.S. and Canada, facilitating more than $1.2 billion in appointment-based commerce. Schedulicity earned a prestigious DEMOgod Award at DEMO Fall 2011 for exceptional potential to thrive in the market, and was also honored by Tech Awards Circle 2011 for Best SMB Service, recognizing small to mid-sized companies that have created truly outstanding technology services. To sign up for the service or to find a service provider near you, please visit or Schedulicity’s Facebook page.

Pixi Classy Cocoa

The finale from the Pixi fall 2012 line was Classy Cocoa which isn't as brown as I would think. Instead it's a dusty purple with brown tones - very pretty! I used a base of Cult Nails Get It On, 2 coats of polish and Cult Nails Wicked Fast as my top coat.

See what I mean? It's super pretty and I was shocked how awesome it was. Duochrome? Metallic? Shimmer? I don't know what to call you, pretty Pixi.

Seriously very pretty. It doesn't look opaque on my middle finger, but it is. I was also pretty proud of my cuticles this day. Pretty awesome fall colour. You may still be able to find it.

Pixi [Website | Facebook | Twitter | Blog | YouTube] can be purchased online from their website or use find a retailer using their Online Retailers search engine for $8.00 for a 7ml/0.25 fl oz bottle.  You can also purchase Pixi at Target!

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Nicole by OPI New Lacquers

I'm catching up with emails and spring releases and realized I hadn't shown you these new polishes by Nicole by OPI. I have such a love/hate with these bottles. In one hand, they are supposed to fit in your hand perfectly. On the other hand, they don't fit in my nail polish racks very well.  All images courtesy of OPI.

Colors for Every Occasion!
Nicole by OPI Launches New Lacquers for 2013

Nicole by OPI announces four new classically chic nail lacquer shades for 2013, including Plum to Your Senses!, Please Red-cycle, Totally in the Dark, and Still Into Pink.  Featuring two vibrant crème shades of bright pink and rich red and two shimmering hues of deep plum and glossy black, these elegant lacquers are suited for every wearer and occasion while delivering distinct color with a flawless finish. 
 “Swipe these four new lacquers on nails for intense color with on-trend hues,” explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, Nicole by OPI Executive VP & Artistic Director.  “When it comes to style, any look can be enhanced by adding a splash of color, and these fashionable shades can be easily applied to match your mood.  The playful shimmer of Totally in the Dark and bold pigments of Still Into Pink both make dramatic statements, while sophisticated Plum to Your Senses and classic Please Red-cycle give nails a polished, stylish finish.”
The four new lacquers include:

Plum to Your Senses!
You KNOW this deep, dark plum is the perfect choice.

Please Red-cycle
Do the right thing and wear this apple red over and over.

Totally in the Dark
This shimmery black is completely unexpected.

Still Into Pink
Our love for hot pink will never grow cold.

Nicole by OPI Nail Lacquers and Nail Treatments contain no DBP, Toluene, or Formaldehyde. Nicole by OPI formulas are long-lasting, fast-drying, and salon-quality.
These will be available in stores beginning January 2013 for $7.99 each at retailers including select Walmart, Target, CVS, Rite Aid, Kmart, Kroger, ULTA, H-E-B, Meijer and Duane Reade locations. In Canada, these shades will be available for $10.99 each at Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart Canada, Jean Coutu, Loblaw, and London Drug.
For more information, visit Follow Nicole by OPI on Twitter @NicoleByOPI and become a Facebook fan

Cirque Dark Horse

Today I have Cirque Dark Horse, a handmade nail polish that I heard about from another blogger. This is the name sake from the debut Dark Horse collection. Each bottle is B3 free and holds 0.45 oz / 13.2 ml of product. One thing I didn't know was that organic lavender and clary sage essential oils have been added for a subtle scent after the polish dries. This is a black glitter with rainbow microglitter. 

I used a base of LVX Livid for my ring and index finger and then 2 coats of Dark Horse on all fingers. This polish dries gritty and matte, so make sure you use additional top coat.

I definitely think this is a polish best worn over black as you can see my visible nail under the nails without a base black. I'm quite confused because when I saw Scrangie's post - she said she used 3 coats and it was pitch black. I'm wondering if the formula has changed or what.

Even here in the shade - I just don't see how this is build-able in three coats - but it was fun to wear!

Can you see that it's a top coat eater in this picture? I also had a bit of a problem keeping it on my nails and off my cuticles but I'm working on it.

Cirque [Facebook] can be purchased on its website for USA residents and their stockists page has international options. Dark Horse runs for $13.00 a bottle.

The Painted Nail Color Flash Nails

First thing in the morning, I check my Instagram for what's going on in the world of pictures. Lately, I've been noticing something new and super interesting from The Painted Nail - Katie Cazorla.   
[All images courtesy of Katie's Instagram]

Katie is launching an "instant nail color" system at ShopNBC, and the concept sounds amazing.

"The Nail Pod fits in the palm of your hand, throw it in your make up bag, plug it into your iPad, laptop or go wireless! No primer, bonder, base, top or cleanser!! Just one swipe of color and in under 60 secs, you're out the door! Odorless and removes without Acetone!! Wears like a gel, goes on and off like a polish!"

"Here's the LED light that comes in the Color Flash Kit! Complete with dual USB/wall charger and a little bow with a crystal accent for the button (timer built in)."

"The bottom pops off by magnet so you can cure your toes lightning fast or custom mix your Color Flash with glitter, powders etc."

Now for the colors!  All these duo kits will be under $25.

Jade and Coral
Blush and Noir
Margarita and Citrine
St.Tropez and Monaco
Hot Peach and Bright Violet
Starlet and LaLa Land
The original images all had a launch date of March but last week, Katie posted the following:

"GREAT NEWS!!!!!!! My 'Color Flash' Instant Gel Nail Color Kit (3 colors) with Led Light and non-acetone remover paste just got approved today on ShopNBC to be the "Today's Top Value"!!!! You'll get an incredible price on a new, fun, easy and safe product for your nails! You Deserve This!! Coming 4/30"

No word yet on how glitter removal worked with a non-acetone remover... and no base, no top? Sounds like Layla's concept but I've never been brave enough to wear a dark color without a base coat. I love the concept of a gel that removes like polish - I hate that most gels have to have the top layer filed off to "break the seal". (Granted, not ALL gels, but a good percentage.)

I'll have more as soon as I get it, and follow Katie's Instagram for the most up to date news! 

JulieG Light It Up

The finale from the JulieG Holiday collection is this glitter bombshell called Light It Up! I decided to layer it over JulieG Ornamental - fun times. Lots of glitter in this one - this is 2 coats.

I got a little sloppy on my middle finger and well I just don't know what happened. I feel like I was channeling a Jenna Marbles drunk video or something.

Random door shot - yay! So gold was not the best color to layer this over I don't think, but it's still fun. I know there are dupes for this and honestly I probably own them all. Still working on purging. Kinda.

You can purchase JulieG in Rite Aid stores across the US or shop online at Jesse's Girl Cosmetics which ships worldwide!  JulieG sells for $3.99 for a 0.35 fl oz (10 mL) bottle.

Disclosure: The product[s] in this post was [were] provided to me by the company for consideration.  For more information, please read this post.

Sephora + Pantone Universe

When I was an "aspiring" art student in college, I was in love with the Pantone swatches that we had in the classroom. Last year, everyone was on fire for tangerine - this year the color is Emerald. Sephora and Pantone Universe have partnered with some pretty packaging and some pretty cool products too.  Please enjoy the following press release.

SEPHORA and Pantone proudly announce the 2013 Color of the Year beauty collection featuring PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald, available exclusively at SEPHORA.   Sharing a strong passion for how color can transform a face, mood or even an attitude, SEPHORA and Pantone continue to change how you wear, feel and think about color through the second annual installment of this radiant and modern Color of the Year beauty collection. The launch of 2012 Color of the Year, Tangerine Tango, created record breaking results for the retailer, with fans purchasing a Tangerine Tango item every six seconds during the month of launch. In 2013, SEPHORA invites you to discover the color of positive energy and possibility, and open your eyes to the power of Emerald. 

Green is the most abundant hue in nature – the human eye sees more green than any other color in the spectrum. Emerald, a perfectly balanced green, is a mix of warm and cool, which makes it so versatile and flattering to many skin tones,” noted Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute®. “Symbolically, Emerald brings a sense of clarity, renewal and rejuvenation, which is so important in today’s complex world.“ 
Inspired by the many facets of a gemstone, this collection features Sephora Collection’s high performance formulas in modern packaging, designed by SEPHORA and inspired by the iconic PANTONE® Chip.  Each eye shadow, blush, eye liner, lip gloss, mascara and nail polish offers unique finishes like matte, metallic and lacquer to capture the sparkle and play off light unique to an Emerald, the perfect green – blue hue.
“What I love about this year’s Color of the Year collection is it’s electrifying and modern. Emerald evokes power and possibility, which are two things women should feel when they wear makeup,” said SEPHORA PRO Lead Artist Gilbert Soliz. “SEPHORA once again challenges women to envelope themselves in the trend color, from subtle effects to bold saturated statements, Emerald will energize the way you think and feel about color.” 

SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE 2013 Color of the Year PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald Capsule Collection

·         The 2013 Color of the Year Emerald Collection – $68
A comprehensive collection of Emerald beauty
o    1 Color Grid Eye Shadow Block in BIONIC
o    1 Color Code Prismatic Shadow
o    1 Color Cube Lid Liner Stain
o    1 Lightspeed Glitter Dust
o    1 Graphic Sculpt Waterproof Jumbo Eyeliner
o    1 Color Watt Highlighting Mascara

·         Colorbyte Lip Wands - $24
This lip gloss set offers four unique shades, textures and finishes, leaving lips with a smooth and comfortable shine – colors include Touch of Emerald (clear with Emerald sparkle), Crocus (lacquer lilac), Georgia Peach (lacquer peach) and Cameo Brown (lacquer nude)

·         Color Grid Shadow Block  –  $26
Features three color-coordinating eye shadows – this trio allows you to create a variety of on-trend beauty looks
o    BIONIC –  Emerald, White Alyssum and Crown
o    ECLISPED – Emerald Glitter, Amberlight and Olivine
o    ELEMENTAL – Emerald Shimmer, Appleblossom and Camel

·         Color Code Prismatic Shadow –  $22
A revolutionary, water resistant high pigment cream formula for the eyes that goes on easily and lasts all day

·         Color Cube Lid Liner Stain  –  $16
A 3-in-1 mousse cream that can be used as a shadow, cream liner or lid stain

·         Lightspeed Glitter Dust  –  $14
A pot of pure Emerald loose glitter, give your look a subtle shimmer or layer for a powerful pop

·         Graphic Sculpt Waterproof Jumbo Liner  –  $17
Features a proprietary long wearing easy glide formula, with a luminous shimmer finish

·         Graphic Lift Liquid Liner  –  $17
Features a flocked tip applicator and long-lasting formula in metallic shimmer finish

·         Graphic Etch Waterproof Eyeliner  –  $17
This retractable pencil features a waterproof easy glide formula in a soft Emerald pigment finish

·         Glitter Strobe Eyeliner Set  –  $18
This four piece Emerald eyeliner set features finishes in glitter, iridescent, metallic and matte

·         Color Watt Highlighting Mascara –  $18
A richly pigmented mascara in Emerald in a matte finish, wear alone for full color expression or add to tips for a flash of color

·         Color Theory Sculpting Blush   $24
The perfect blush duo to compliment any Emerald color accents featuring Dusty Pink and Pink Mist

·         Color Charged Graphic Lacquer –   $10
The richest pigment of Emerald in a high gloss lacquer finish

·         Mini Graphic Effect Lacquers – $18
A collection of three mini polishes featuring finishes in Emerald (clear with Emerald glitter), shimmer (Emerald and silver) and matte metallic

·         Emerald Tip Nail Ring – $22
The perfect accessory to embrace the 2013 Color of the Year – make a nail jewel statement with this ring, featuring an Emerald and crystal tip

·         Color of the Year Accessories –
o    Color Contour Face Brush Set ($68) This 8 piece brush set with stand provides you with all you need to create any Emerald look: Highlighting Fan Brush, Face Contour Brush, Angled Liner Brush, Short Smudge Brush, Cream Shadow Brush, All Over Shadow Brush, Crease Shadow Brush and Smudge Brush (all synthetic)
o    Spectra Blend Eye Brush Roll ($20) A 3 piece mini travel brush in a magnetic pouch features an Angled Blush Brush, Eyeshadow Brush and Shadow Blending Brush (all synthetic)
o    Color Block Beauty Box ($38) A hard cosmetic case featuring a removable travel box and organizing compartments
o    Prismatic Glitter False Lashes ($10) Luxurious black false lashes featuring a strip of emerald glitter
o    Color Sculpting Kabuki Brush ($22)The perfect travel size kabuki brush (synthetic)
o    Emerald Compact Mirror ($18) A must have travel mirror for touchups, two sided featuring 3x magnification

The SEPHORA + PANTONE UNIVERSE 2013 Color of the Year PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald Collection will be available at Sephora stores and beginning March, for a limited time.