ella + mila in line for wine

Today I have ella + mila in line for wine from the Elite collection. This merlot wine red creme actually has a matte finish which makes for an interesting look.

Cupcake Polish Apple-y Ever After

Nothing To Disclose

Another day, another red holographic polish. I do have a weakness for these things. Today I have Cupcake Polish Apple-y Ever After and it's gorgeous.

KBShimmer Kerrie

Back in 2019, KBShimmer announced her Pretty Revenge Duo, and I immediately bought it. I reviewed Jordana back in 2020 but hadn't worn the counterpart, Kerrie, until now. This is a vibrant red with holographic glitter that does try down matte but I'm all about the top coat.

Sally Hansen Pacific Blue

Nothing To Disclose

In today's TikTok "NPC Live" world, I find myself missing the simpler days of blogging, especially when I find my bottle of Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, a beautiful blue creme. This was THE color to wear back in the day, and when Sally Hansen reformulated the color, the world went mad. Not really, but it was a sad day for several of the OG Nail Girls and Guys who really adored this color. I even tried to buy the last of the original bottles before my local stores got the new version but now I can't find those bottles either.