cuccio Just A Prosecco

I know I was just wearing a silver but I have another silver today! Today is cuccio Just A Prosecco, a silver shimmer, but if you look close this actually a silver shimmer with a touch of gold metallic. This polish is from their Soiree Collection - Winter 2019.

cuccio Dance, Dance, Dance

Hello dear friends! Sorry I disappeared again. My husband and I both contracted COVID-19 (he got it while at work from a coworker) and while we weren't hospitalized, we were very sick for a couple of weeks. We are now on the mend and hoping to get back to work very soon. One of the things I wanted to do to celebrate being able to get out of bed was paint my nails! I just recently nubbinized them because they got super long and I didn't have the energy to shape them so I just chopped them off. I really have preferred no nails this past year especially when typing. This is cuccio Dance, Dance, Dance from the Soiree Collection which was their winter 2019. I have been trying to get all my cuccio's swatched so I can get them into my Helmer and out of my living room.