duri Slay

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I love December and all the nail polish options that are out there. Are you a traditional red and white? How about some green? Blues and silvers? Maybe a silver and gold? LOTS OF HOLO. I have been staring at my polish for awhile and decided today was a day for duri Slay, a classic burgundy creme.

duri Big Ego

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I was recently talking to a friend about duri products and I've had three bottles here on my desk just dying to be worn. Today I have duri Big Ego, a hot pink polish with silver microglitter.

ILNP Tombstone

Nothing To Disclose

There have been a few brands over the years that I absolutely obsess over and want to own every single color that's released. ILNP is one of those brands and they consistently put out winners. Today I have Tombstone from their Haunted Collection 2021. This is a bone grey with copper metallic flakes and scattered holographic glitter.

duri The Struggle Is Real

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As I mentioned yesterday, duri has a line of nail lacquers (psst: they carry gel too!) and today I have a pearlescent and sheer white with a fine, classic glitter. This is The Struggle Is Real ($8.50).

duri Systems

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 It's hard to believe that I started this blog 4,271 days ago. That's almost 12 years! I do believe I'm one of the longest (semi) active nail blogs left in the United States. One of my favorites from the beginning was duri. I used their Rejuvacote Nail Growth System for years - sometimes as just a base coat, sometimes as the full nail growth system. Much has changed in twelve years and duri has expanded their line quite a bit!

China Glaze Campfired Up!

I'm almost done with the Gone West Fall 2019 China Glaze collection! Nail polish has been a huge hobby of mine for years and sometimes I feel like I've seen them all. This is Campfired Up!, a red creme that is super opaque.

China Glaze Lawless & Flawless

My kids start school Wednesday and they are not in a year round school. While I don't feel like it's fall at all, I wanted to finish off the Gone West Fall 2019 China Glaze collection. This is Lawless & Flawless, a pink sheer with gold and copper shimmer.

Love, Indus

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My skin has taken a beating this past year between wearing masks, different diet, and of course, being sick. When Love, Indus reached out to try their Amrutini Precious Potion Vital Cream, I was excited to see how it would work for me. The founder, Surbhee Grover incorporated her rich Indian heritage with the energy of her newfound New York home.

H&E Paint Bar, Portland Maine

Hello dear friends! I took a nice long break for my health (still battling long-hauler COVID-19 issues) and then a long vacation to see my husband's family in Maine. While I was up there, I had toyed with the idea of getting my nails done but I had broken one on the plane and was just in a funk over color, shape and design.

China Glaze Prairie Tale Ending

I LOVE all the puns that China Glaze serves up. Today I have Prairie Tale Ending from the Gone West Fall 2019 China Glaze collection. This is a putty nude creme that is a good palette cleanser from the inky blue I just had on.

China Glaze Cowboy, Bye

Happy Wednesday! Today I have Cowboy, Bye from the Gone West Fall 2019 China Glaze collection. This is a brown based, copper shimmer, with holographic microglitter.

China Glaze Cattle Drive Me Crazy

Got the blues? Today from the Gone West Fall 2019 China Glaze collection I have Cattle Drive Me Crazy, a dark blue shimmer. This was such an inky blue.

China Glaze Gold Mine Your Business

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I'm heading back into the China Glaze "Gone West" Fall 2019 collection and today I'm wearing Gold Mine Your Business, an antique gold with holographic microglitter.

China Glaze Green With Jealousy

I'm at the finale of the China Glaze Halloween 2019 "To Catch a Colour" collection and I saved Green With Jealousy for last. This is a green shimmer with a teal tint and gold shimmer.

China Glaze Pathological Liar Liar

I'm finishing out the "To Catch a Colour" Halloween 2019 collection from China Glaze and this orange color with micro rainbow reflective glitter was looking super promising. This is Pathological Liar Liar.

China Glaze You've Got Blackmail

I'm on the back half of the China Glaze Halloween 2019 "Catch a Colour" collection and today I have You've Got Blackmail which is a black based textured polish. 

China Glaze Arrest In Peace

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The other glitter topper in the China Glaze "To Catch A Colour" Halloween 2019 collection is called Arrest In Peace. This is a light black (not grey) watery base with black shards, black small and medium hexagonal glitter and just a pinch of copper orange microglitter.

China Glaze Get Off My Cold Case

It turns out I had the entire "To Catch A Colour" Halloween 2019 collection from China Glaze here so I figured let's go ahead and finish off this 6 piece set the next few days. Today I have Get Off My Cold Case, which is orange shreds and microglitter along with black small and medium hexagonal glitter all in a clear base.  However, my base is definitely tinted orange, so it looks like this one is a bleeder.

China Glaze Private Side-Eye

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This polish is not black. Today I decided to pull from a pile of China Glaze that I had from 2019. I originally didn't know what color this was but it's Private Side-Eye from the "To Catch A Colour" Halloween collection. This is a super dark purple with rainbow reflective glitter, almost a scattered holo.

China Glaze Take The High Rodeo

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So on Friday, I showed you a polish where I was testing a prototype top coat. Unfortunately, my top coat chipped the very next morning and because I can't deal with chipped nail polish, it was time to change my polish the next day. Today I have Take The High Rodeo from the China Glaze Gone West Fall 2019 collection. This is a rose-mauve polish with golden shimmer.

China Glaze Monsterpiece

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It's been over two years since I wrote about China Glaze. It's funny how this was MY BRAND when I got into the beauty blog world... so much so that I wanted to call my blog "China Glaze Galore." There's a lot that this brand did for me, and did right. They will always have a place in my heart. Today I'm wearing Monsterpiece from the China Glaze x Sesame Street "You Do Hue" collection that came out in Fall 2019. This is a pink scattered holo with a touch of berry.

Morgan Taylor Going Vogue

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The finale from the Morgan Taylor Spring 2020 "Editor's Picks" collection is Going Vogue, listed as an antique rose creme. I think I was most excited about this color when I first saw the photos but did it live up to my hype?

Morgan Taylor Barely Buff

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Okay. So today's color is one of those "But why" but at the same time, it makes sense. Hear me out. Today from the Morgan Taylor Spring 2020 "Editor's Picks" collection is Barely Buff and this is listed as "palest pink creme." Listen... this is like what you wear to have smooth looking nails when you aren't allowed to wear nail polish that's "loud". 

Morgan Taylor Call My Blush

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Continuing with the Morgan Taylor Spring 2020 "Editor's Picks" collection is Call My Blush, which is a soft sheer pink. Much like yesterday's On Cloud Mine, this polish has a jelly consistency.

Morgan Taylor On Cloud Mine

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I'm finishing the rest of the Morgan Taylor Spring 2020 "Editor's Picks" collection and the next few are what I feel really are the definition of "runway". Today I have On Cloud Mine which is a sheer peachy pink. This had a jelly like consistency.

Morgan Taylor It's Your Mauve

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Gosh, I can't believe it's March already! Another beauty from the Morgan Taylor Spring 2020 "Editor's Picks" collection is It's Your Mauve, a mauve creme. This reminds me of one of my favorite original polishes from another brand that's been discontinued so I was really excited to wear this polish. I did find it to be more pink than purple in color.

Morgan Taylor I Speak Chic

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Even though I'd like to forget 2020 forever, I realized that I never got around to sharing the Morgan Taylor Spring 2020 "Editor's Picks" collection. This was a soft feminine collection of nudes and pinks that was supposed to mimic the runways.  Sadly for me, this was also the last Morgan Taylor collection I received from the brand because they moved their press relations in-house and I lost my contact with them. The first color I'm sharing is I Speak Chic, which is a taupe nude creme.

Morgan Taylor Morph With Me

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The finale of the Morgan Taylor Illusions Platinum collection is Morph With Me, a bronze duo-chrome that has green in its extreme angles.

Morgan Taylor Seeing Double

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It's hard to believe that the Morgan Taylor Illusions Platinum collection came out in mid 2019. Today I have the purple duo-chrome Seeing Double which has an orange shift at extreme angles.

cuccio Cotton Candy Sorbet

It's time for the finale of the cuccio Summer 2020 Rainbow Sorbet collection with Cotton Candy Sorbet. This was listed as a bright violet creme so I stuck it at the end with Lavender Sorbet.

cuccio Blueberry Sorbet

I actually really love blue nail polish. I know that when I was in high school, blue polish was NOT a thing but now you can literally find any shade you want. Today's cuccio Rainbow Sorbet color from the Summer 2020 collection is Blueberry Sorbet. This was one of the shades I was most interested in wearing.

cuccio Mint Sorbet


I'm getting into the final 3 cuccio Summer 2020 Rainbow Sorbet colors and these last three were my favorites when I first saw this collection. Today I have Mint Sorbet which is an aquamarine creme. Last summer, the "Neo Mint" color was trending hard and this was an ode to it.

cuccio Peach Sorbet


I'm making my way down the line of colors from the cuccio Summer 2020 Rainbow Sorbet collection and today I have Peach Sorbet, which reminds me of a bleached neon peach creme.

cuccio Dragon Fruit Sorbet

Yesterday's cuccio Summer 2020 polish was a nice bubblegum pink but today I have its brighter older sister - Dragon Fruit Sorbet. Think Barbie pink.

cuccio Punch Sorbet

Looking for summer? Look no further than the cuccio Spring 2020 Rainbow Sorbet collection. Today I have Punch Sorbet, listed as a vivid bubblegum pink creme.

cuccio Pistachio Sorbet

I'm dialing it back a bit to Summer 2020 when cuccio came out with their Rainbow Sorbet collection. This was a fun 8 piece creme collection that helped lighten the mood of 2020. Today I have Pistachio Sorbet, an electric lime creme.

cuccio Purr-fect

It's time for the finale of the cuccio Spring 2021 Kittens and Canines collection - the first vegan line for this 12-Free brand. Today I have Purr-fect, a rich olive-green creme. When I originally saw this color, I wasn't in love but wait until you see it on!

cuccio Fur-ocious

Yesterday was a neutral brown creme but today from the cuccio Spring 2021 Kittens and Canines collection, I have Fur-ocious, a deep nude creme. This is literally like a drop darker than Fug-get About It.

cuccio Pug-Get About It

The cuccio Spring 2021 Kittens and Canines collection is coming to a close and today I have a neutral fawn creme (light brown) called Pug-Get About It. I'm seriously living for these puns.

cuccio Not Right Meow

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I'm on the back half of the cuccio Spring 2021 Kittens and Canines collection and these are all more nudes/browns/and one surprise olive color at the end. While I'm definitely wishing for spring, I know that most of the country is in freezing temps today. To kick it off, I'm wearing Not Right Meow, a putty tone neutral creme.

cuccio Feline Fine!

Today from the cuccio Spring 2021 Kittens and Canines collection, I have my second favorite shade called Feline Fine! and yes, that's with an exclamation mark. This is a soft baby blue creme that is just a bit more pigmented than Are You Kitten Me? but is the same make up.

cuccio B.F.Fur-Ever

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Y'all know how much I love purple. It's absolutely my favorite color so I'm so glad that the cuccio Spring 2021 Kittens and Canines collection had this bright light purple creme called B.F.Fur-Ever. This is a perfect spring color and reminds me of Easter which is super early this year.

cuccio Fur-Well 2020

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I was so glad to see 2020 go. It's funny, we all thought it was going to be a roaring good year but eh, I'd beg to differ. Today's cuccio Spring 2021 "Kittens and Canines" color is Fur-Well 2020, a concrete grey creme. This is definitely a darker color - the darkest in the collection but since we do still have 6 more weeks of winter, it works.

cuccio Are You Kitten Me?

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When I heard that cuccio's Spring 2021 collection was called Kittens and Canines, I was all here for the puns. This natural tones was a heartfelt tribute to some of best friends of the pandemic... our pets! Today I have Are You Kitten Me? which is a soft pink creme. Think like grey with a drop of red because it's a super super super pale color yet opaque!

LVX Legendaire

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Where did January go? On the one hand, it went on FOREVER and the other hand, it flew past me. I've been on a purple kick lately, and after wearing Purple Aster and Lavender Sorbet I wanted to keep the purple going so today is LVX Legendaire. This is a gorgeous lavender creme that was part of their Fall/Winter 2012 collection.

Rogue Lacquer You Sleigh Me

Nothing To Disclose

Back in 2016, commenting pods became popular among bloggers. I decided to start one on Facebook with 20 members. We were mostly nail bloggers but also had some make up and even lifestyle bloggers. Over the years, people have come and gone but it's been a good way to (a) have engagement and (b) for me to read about what other bloggers are doing, wearing, and discovering. I know that TikTok is the hot thing and Instagram has taken over for a lot of the OGs in the field but when I want to find what a polish really looks like, I turn to Google and I get... blogs.

Today's purchase, You Sleigh Me by Rogue Lacquer was because I saw it on The Polished Hippy's blog. This is a "Christmas tree green with red metallic flakes" and I fell in love. I've never seen a polish like this before.

nubar Purple Aster

Press Sample

I don't know what happened in December. Granted, it was my 37th birthday in there somewhere, and there was Christmas and New Years and things just kind of melted together. Another thing that happened was my 8th wedding anniversary and to celebrate, we had family portraits taken by Sweetest Snaps Photography. I found Ashlee through a mom friend who has a daughter the same age as my middle son. I saw a photo in their house that was just breathtaking of her and her two girls and I asked who did them and she told me about Sweetest Snaps.