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My skin has taken a beating this past year between wearing masks, different diet, and of course, being sick. When Love, Indus reached out to try their Amrutini Precious Potion Vital Cream and the Velvet :08 Broadway Bright Detox Mask, I was excited to see how it would work for me. The founder, Surbhee Grover incorporated her rich Indian heritage with the energy of her newfound New York home.

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The Amrutini Precious Potion Vital Cream ($110) is there to strengthen, nourish and revitalize skin. It's a daily use, soft moisturizer that fuses rare, regional ingredients from the Indian sub-continent, such as golden Muga silk (known for its resilience and exquisite luster) and Makaibari Silver Tips Imperial tea, along with scientific processes like biotransformation.

I received a sample size which is why I don't have my own photo above but I did find the moisturizer to melt into my skin. I used just a small scoop each day and it settled well into my skin - no sweating or beading off. There wasn't much a smell and although the moisturizer is a sea foam green in the jar, it did not tint my skin at all and applied clear. Despite the sample size, this product lasted me several weeks of application - a little goes a long way!

Image via Love, Indus website

The Velvet :08 Broadway Bright Detox Mask ($58) deep cleanses, tightens, brightens and even deters regrowth of "peach fuzz". I've never tried dermaplaning but I have been interested in the process. This vegan mask works in just 8 minutes with a potpourri of incredible Eastern botanicals (such as Thanaka bark and flame red Palash flower) and powerful lab-designed synthetics (like Hydrolyzed Cellulose) that work in harmony to reveal your skins' inherent shine.

I had received a sample of size of this one too which was enough for two full applications. After my first application, my face had several small breakouts but I wasn't sure if it was environmental or product related. I waited for my skin to clear and then tried again but had the same reaction. I'm currently being tested for allergies (second test is today!) so I'm trying to see if maybe I'm allergic to one of the botanicals that are in this mask. (Full ingredients list is found easily on their website.)

Overall, I was really happy with the moisturizer, and their website is offering this same sample set for only $8 so you can try it out yourself!

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Disclosure: The product[s] in this post was [were] provided to me by the company for consideration. For more information, please read this post.

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