ella + mila pistache

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I've always been a fan of mint green creme polishes so today's ella + mila pistache made my heart happy. Even with my little nubbin nails, this color just slaps.

ella + mila sweet tooth

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We were teased with one day of a "cold front" and then today? 98 degrees. Fall, what? So I decided to pull out ella + mila sweet tooth, a coral creme from the BonBon collection. 

cuccio I Reflect

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I can't believe it's fall already. Today I have cuccio I Reflect from the Spring 2020 Imagine collection but I loved this polish so much I wore it for a solid week. This is listed as a chambray creme which is a gray-blue that is a lot like denim. I found this leaned more grey than blue for me.

ella + mila Soy Polish Remover

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Blogger officially changed their layout and I'm adjusting. It's hard to believe that it was summer 2009 when I was talking with my friend Jen about blogs. I finally started my blog on December 7, 2009 and it's been an amazing eleven years so far. 

cuccio Give It A Twirl

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The grand finale in the cuccio Soire collection from Holiday 2019 is Give It A Twirl, a deep red shimmer. I wasn't sure if this would be metallic looking or satin looking but I was happy to have another red for the holidays.

cuccio 3, 2, 1, Kiss

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Can we rewind to New Years Ever 2020? Today I have cuccio 3, 2, 1 Kiss from the Soiree collection - a raspberry red with golden shimmer.

cuccio Soiree Not Sorry

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I'm in the final 3 of the cuccio Soiree Collection that was released last winter. Doesn't that seem like a million years ago? This is a firey red with teeny tiny rainbow reflective microglitter running throughout.

cuccio Pop, Fizz, Clink!

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I forgot how much I like wearing polish. This pandemic has really changed my beauty routine from what I wear to how often I wear it. Today I pulled out cuccio Pop, Fizz, Clink! from the Soiree Collection - Winter 2019. This is a really unique metallic that has a gold and bronze mix look.

Pink Mask Delilah

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You know I had to have a purple in my collection! I was really drawn to Pink Mask Delilah, a lilac creme and was hoping that this would really pop with a matte top coat.

Pink Mask Red John

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I love a good classic red polish so when I saw Pink Mask Red John, I knew that it would be a good staple in my collection. I love the durability of gel polish especially when I have a long work week coming and I need to look polished without worrying about chipping.

Pink Mask It's A Boy

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Being a #boymom, I've embraced blue nail polish more in the past 6 years. When I was first looking over colors for Pink Mask, I chose It's A Boy, a cornflower blue creme that looked right up my alley.

Pink Mask Brut Rose

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One of my favorite parts of Pink Mask is that they have the swatch of the color on the top of each bottle. This is especially helpful when I've put my bottles in my Helmer, away from light and exposure. Today I have Pink Mask Brut Rose, a shimmery rose gold gel.

Pink Mask Gel Polish

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Back in July, I got a lovely email from Pink Mask, an Argentinian company that launched in the USA this July with their gel polishes. While they have been around since 2015, this was my first experience seeing their product.

cuccio Just A Prosecco

I know I was just wearing a silver but I have another silver today! Today is cuccio Just A Prosecco, a silver shimmer, but if you look close this actually a silver shimmer with a touch of gold metallic. This polish is from their Soiree Collection - Winter 2019.

cuccio Dance, Dance, Dance

Hello dear friends! Sorry I disappeared again. My husband and I both contracted COVID-19 (he got it while at work from a coworker) and while we weren't hospitalized, we were very sick for a couple of weeks. We are now on the mend and hoping to get back to work very soon. One of the things I wanted to do to celebrate being able to get out of bed was paint my nails! I just recently nubbinized them because they got super long and I didn't have the energy to shape them so I just chopped them off. I really have preferred no nails this past year especially when typing. This is cuccio Dance, Dance, Dance from the Soiree Collection which was their winter 2019. I have been trying to get all my cuccio's swatched so I can get them into my Helmer and out of my living room.

Morgan Taylor Vanished Before My Eyes

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I completely forgot I had these Morgan Taylor Platinum polishes in my stash so I decided to pull Vanished Before My Eyes, which is a red/orange duochrome. This one reminds me of rose petals.

cuccio Be Current

I'm at the finale of the cuccio Fall 2019 Bella Natura collection with Be Current, a egglant purple creme. I think this was the polish I was most excited for because I love a good purple creme in my life.

cuccio Natural State

I'm getting to the end of the cuccio Fall 2019 Bella Natura collection with today's Natural State, a Tuscan brown creme. This does have orange tones to it but it reminded me more of milk chocolate than anything. I've been really enjoying milk chocolate with almonds lately so this may be a food related thing. Don't eat your nail polish though.

cuccio Branch Out

Who wants a rich and earthy green creme? The cuccio Fall 2019 Bella Natura collection has you covered with Branch Out. Now I know most people either love or hate greens but I gotta tell you, this one is growing on me.

cuccio Nuture Nature

I finally decided to organize my desk and put all my polishes I'm reviewing in order and realized I haven't finished the cuccio Fall 2019 Bella Natura collection. Today I have Nuture Nature which is a shimmering pewter. The bottle was super pretty as you can see above.

OPI Alpaca My Bags

Nothing To Disclose

It's been about 8 years since I wore OPI on my blog. No real reason - I used to love the colors, the collections, the ultra wide brush. OPI is much easier to find these days too... I can get it at my local Wal-Mart although this color I purchased from Ulta in order to qualify for free shipping. Sorry, not sorry. This is Alpaca My Bags from the Fall 2018 Peru collection. As soon as I saw it, I wanted it and I've kept it in my Saved folder on Instagram for months.

cuccio Rock Solid

Another red cuccio from the Fall 2019 Bella Natura collection - this time it's Rock Solid which is a brick red creme. I always tell people that I live in the brick red house with the red metal roof on the corner (no lie) so this color was right up my alley.

cuccio Gaia

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I have a lot of red cuccio polishes on my desk so today I decided to grab Gaia from the fall 2019 Bella Natura collection. It's a pretty muted raspberry toned polish that originally I overlooked when it was on my desk but I really liked this one.

cuccio Rolling Stone

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I swear, my cats have been a blessing and a curse. One of the reasons why I'm going through the fall 2019 Bella Natura collection from cuccio is because SOME cat of mine (honestly don't know which one) decided to leave me a food present in the box next to my desk and some of it got on the outside of my cuccio box. So that box went in the trash as I pulled the collection out safely. Thanks cats. Today is Rolling Stone which is a purple based black with silver shimmer particles. 

cuccio Rooted

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We are on week 11 of self-isolation here and it's been interesting. I talk more about it on my Twitter than my blog so if you're interested, the links are to the right of my page. Today I'm wearing cuccio Rooted, from the Fall 2019 Bella Natura collection. When I first saw this red-orange clay creme, I wasn't sold. It reminds me of terra cotta shingles which my alma mater University is known for.

KBShimmer Jordana

I love rainbow holographic glitter. When KBShimmer announced her Pretty Revenge Duo, I immediately bought it. Jordana is a silver rainbow reflective holographic glitter with a hint of gold. 

cuccio Cheers To New Years

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I have been going through my box of goodies and today I decided to grab cuccio Cheers To New Years from their Holiday 2019 Soiree Collection. This is a "sugared plum shimmer" with the shimmer being gorgeous gold flakes.

cuccio High Resolutions

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I was feeling the need to get some red in my life so today I pulled out cuccio High Resolutions from their Holiday 2019 Soiree Collection. This is a flirty cherry red creme.

Vapid. Birthday Bitch 2020

Nothing To Disclose

Vapid is an indie company that's located only about 150 miles north of where I live. That sounds like a far distance, but that's where my extended family lives and since Vapid just opened a store front, it was only fitting that when I was up seeing family, I made a stop to see all the goodness in its glory. Now I could do an entire post on just the store and the other items Vapid has to offer but for now, let's just talk about Birthday Bitch 2020.

Morgan Taylor A Kiss In The Dark

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Saving the best for last? Sure. The finale from the Morgan Taylor 2019 winter Champagne and Moonbeams collection is this black purple creme called A Kiss In The Dark. I stared this polish down hard.

Morgan Taylor A Starry Night

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Only two left in the Morgan Taylor winter 2019 Champagne and Moonbeams collection and today is an indigo pearl called A Starry Night. Now, I think this would have been super beautiful with an accent nail of Sprinkle of Twinkle but I'm rearranging my nail polishes (again? yes again), I had already put that polish up in its drawer.

Morgan Taylor Shooting Star

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Alright fam, we're getting down to the final 3 in the Morgan Taylor winter 2019 Champagne and Moonbeams collection. Now I'll be honest that I saved these three for last because typically, these aren't my favorite colors. However, I was determined to get this 12 piece swatched with my long nails, so here we go. Today is Shooting Star and while this is listed as a "chocolate pearl" (wut), I'm definitely calling it a brown metallic.

Morgan Taylor Gilded In Gold

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So after Morgan Taylor Copper Dream, it's only fitting I check out Gilded In Gold, a gold shimmer/metallic from the winter 2019 Champagne and Moonbeams collection.

Morgan Taylor Copper Dream

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There were two shimmers in the Morgan Taylor winter 2019 Champagne & Moonbeams collection and well, you know how I feel about shimmers. Technically, Morgan Taylor calls these metallics, not shimmers. The first is Copper Dream, a copper metallic.

Morgan Taylor From Dusk Til Dawn

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Getting into the back half of the winter 2019 Morgan Taylor Champagne & Moonbeams collection and today is this beautiful dusty rose creme called From Dusk Til Dawn. This is one of my favorite types of colors for my hands no matter if I have long or short nails. 

Morgan Taylor See You In My Dreams

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I love a good classic red. When I first saw Morgan Taylor See You In My Dreams from the winter 2019 Champagne & Moonbeams collection, I thought it was a vampy shimmer but I was happily surprised to find a more squishy vamp red! Not officially a jelly but I can't call this a creme either!

AmourCBD - Advanced Pain Relief

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I'm still very new to the world of CBD and still don't understand all the properties, percentages, uses... When AmourCBD reached out with their Advanced Pain Relief creme, I was interested in finding out if this worked for me.

Morgan Taylor Walking On Stardust

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I think red glitter is in my top 5 "favorite polish" types. There's just something that really makes me happy about it. When I saw Morgan Taylor Walking On Stardust in the Winter 2019 Champagne & Moonbeams collection, I had an "ooh ahh" moment. For starters, this isn't just red glitter. It's red glitter in a red base with red flake shards. Talk about dimension!

Morgan Taylor Let There Be Moonlight

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I'm still wishing for my perfect grey creme y'all. I've been through so many greys but I'm still looking for my PERFECT one so let's see how Morgan Taylor Let There Be Moonlight from the winter 2019 Champagne & Moonbeams collection works. This was a really large collection too - with 12 polishes in a variety of colors and finishes.

Morgan Taylor Tell Her She's Stellar

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Did you catch me on Instagram Live this week? I decided to spend a little bit of time painting my nails and showing the process for me to paint, photograph and edit my photos. It was fun! I haven't gone live in quite some time. My first choice was Morgan Taylor Tell Her She's Stellar, a nude creme. This is from the winter 2019 Champagne & Moonbeams collection.

Sally Hansen Nail Cuticle Serum

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It seems trivial now, but I really miss getting my nails done. I used to go every two weeks to a local salon... pedicure, then 2 weeks later for a manicure, 2 weeks later for a pedicure, etc. It was a great way to relax and I just felt better about myself. Once I got married, got a day desk job, had more kids and the salon changed around, it's been harder and harder a biweekly appointment somewhere.

PAYOT Paris Hydra 24+ Essence

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How's your skin doing? This has been a good time for me to try out new products to see what makes it in my ultimate daily routine and today's brand may be new to me but isn't new on the market. For nearly 100 years, PAYOT Paris has been dedicated exclusively to skincare. The founder, Nadia Payot was not only the first female doctor of her generation but also a visionary of skincare products.

Morgan Taylor Sprinkle Of Twinkle

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I needed some sparkle in my life today so Morgan Taylor Sprinkle Of Twinkle from the Winter 2019 Champagne & Moonbeams collection. This is a silver glitter with lots of rainbow reflective shards in different sizes and shapes inside of a clear base.

Yangu Beauty Bright Eyes Cream

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During this time of self-isolation, I've really wanted to focus on my skin. We're talking skincare here folks. Yangu Beauty had reached out with their Bright Eyes Cream which is a hydrating, anti-inflammatory eye cream.

Morgan Taylor Dancing & Romancing

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Happy Monday y'all. I have to remind myself what day it is because things just don't make sense right now. I decided to pull from the box next to my desk until the box is empty so today I have Morgan Taylor Dancing & Romancing from the Champagne & Moonbeams Winter 2019 collection. This was listed as a soft pink creme and I was pretty stoked to see it in a winter collection.

Morgan Taylor Flirty and Fabulous

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So like most people in the world, I'm pretty much at home right now. I don't want to dwell on the state of the world but I think we can all agree that this is unlike anything we've ever dealt with before. Right before I started working remotely, I decided to pull out my last shade from the Morgan Taylor fall 2019 collection Flirty and Fabulous, a turquoise cream.

Morgan Taylor All American Beauty

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I am bright colors type of girl but every once in awhile, I like a soft nude color. That's definitely the description of Morgan Taylor All American Beauty from the Marilyn Monroe fall 2019 collection.

Morgan Taylor Some Girls Prefer Pearls

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I'm getting to the second half of the Morgan Taylor Marilyn Monroe fall 2019 collection and today was one I was personally dreading. This is Some Girls Prefer Pearls and is listed as a "white shimmer."

Morgan Taylor Classic Red Lips

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I love a good red so Morgan Taylor Classic Red Lips, a tomato red creme was perfect for today. As you can tell by the bottle, this is from the fall 2019 Marilyn Monroe collection.

Morgan Taylor A Girl And Her Curls

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I'm in the middle of some training for my son's Boy Scout troop and figured I might as well pull out a pretty purple. This is Morgan Taylor A Girl And Her Curls, an eggplant purple shimmer. This is also from the fall 2019 Marilyn Monroe collection. The shimmer is really pretty in the bottle but does it show up on the nail?