Pink Mask Brut Rose

Press Sample

One of my favorite parts of Pink Mask is that they have the swatch of the color on the top of each bottle. This is especially helpful when I've put my bottles in my Helmer, away from light and exposure. Today I have Pink Mask Brut Rose, a shimmery rose gold gel.

I started with Pink Mask Pro Health base coat and then two coats of Brut Rose, curing in for 60 seconds with my LED lamp between all coats. I didn't wrap my tips this time because I was only swatching but I always recommend wrapping tips with gel polish. Now I only had the Pink Mask Non-Wipe top coat but I really wanted to show this brand two ways, so I used another brand's glossy top coat on my ring finger.

So this is one time when I feel that the matte didn't show the polish in the best light. While I do love a matte look, the shimmer just gets super lost and this almost gives me a nude frosted look.

Removal was simple using my Katie Cazorla Steam Off machine. Buff the top of the nail to break the seal, then steam for 10 minutes, or after the long second beep. Remove any excess with an orangewood stick and softly buff any stubborn parts.

Brut Rose sells for $15 for a 15mL bottle.

You can purchase on their website, like on Facebook and follow on Instagram. They currently have over 50 colors available at $15 each.

Disclosure: The product[s] in this post was [were] provided to me by the company for consideration. For more information, please read this post.