Painted Polish From Brooklyn, With Love

I'm in a purple mood for sure and it's continuing today with Painted Polish From Brooklyn, With Love. I bought this at PolishCon NYC 2017 but haven't worn it because life has just always been busy. I mean, yes - I have more polish than most people and I could wear a different color for the next six year but hey who's counting.

China Glaze Grover It

Only two more polishes from China Glaze "You Do Hue" 2019 collection with Sesame Street. Today is Grover It, which is a rainbow reflective and blue glitter in a blue-tinted base.

colors by llarowe O Canada

Nothing To Disclose

I was really out of my comfort zone when I flew to Canada for Indie Expo Canada in 2017 but it was such an amazing trip and I loved every minute of it. I paid for the VIP bag and one of the polishes was colors by llarowe O Canada, a cherry red holographic.

China Glaze Dat Color Dough

China Glaze is playing with my heart. So I'm almost finished with the "You Do Hue" 2019 collection with Sesame Street. When I wore Free To Be Sesame, I was so excited. So when I saw Dat Color Dough, which is a blue glitter in a clear base, I thought it was going to be the same pay off.

Tonic Jinkx

I am an absolute sucker for silver holographic polishes. They are just something that makes me happy! Today I have Tonic Jinkx, a pure silver holographic polish.

China Glaze Free To Be Sesame

Okay China Glaze, you're finally getting my attention with the "You Do Hue" 2019 collection with Sesame Street. If you've been reading awhile, you know that this collection so far hasn't been my favorite but today I have Free To Be Sesame, which is a green base jelly with rainbow reflective and green glitters. 

KBShimmer Supplies Party

Back in early 2017, I bought KBShimmer Supplies Party, from the Office Space collection. This was listed as a warm creme with metallic flakes and holo sparkle - much like their birthstone collection that I loved.

China Glaze Trash Can-Do Attitude

I'm about to get to the final half of the China Glaze "You Do Hue" 2019 collection with Sesame Street and today is another surprise. This is Trash Can-Do Attitude, and it's a metallic yellow-toned green polish.

Cupcake Polish Strawberry Icing

When I originally got Cupcake Polish Strawberry Icing, I didn't realize it was from their Special Effects Top Coats back in 2017 so I tried to wear it like a full opaque polish. Read below on how it performed.

China Glaze Beak on Fleek!

This was a surprising color. Today from the China Glaze "You Do Hue" 2019 collection with Sesame Street, I have Beak on Fleek, which ended up being a matte yellow.

Great Lakes Lacquer Like Air, I'll Rise

I definitely feel like I'm in a time warp with these 2017 polishes and Great Lakes Lacquer Like Air, I'll Rise reminded me of everything good. This is a multi-chrome holographic polish that has purple, gold, teal and green flashes.

China Glaze I Believe In Snuffy

Now I realized why I haven't swatched the China Glaze "You Do Hue" 2019 collection with Sesame Street any sooner. Today I have I Believe In Snuffy, which is a melon shimmer that is a little sheer.

Girly Bits Sky Theater

I've been wanting to make sure I blog daily but I'm starting to get into a bit of a lull. However, today I pulled out Girly Bits Sky Theater and forgot how beautiful this polish is! This polish was a PolishCon Chicago 2016 exclusive that starts with a dark blue/purple base with rainbow reflective glitter and green shimmer.

China Glaze Ernie Your Stripes

Continuing with China Glaze was their "You Do Hue" 2019 collection with Sesame Street, today I have Ernie Your Stripes, which is an orange/gold shimmer.

ILNP Mint Chip

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Remember the year that I did a bunch of green polishes leading up to the holiday? I should have done that again but at least I'm wearing green today! This is ILNP Mint Chip from their newest Something Sweet collection. It's a bright mint green polish with small black metallic flakes.

Tonic One Million Flowers

Nothing To Disclose

More of my 2017 stash here - this is Tonic One Million Flowers , a duo they did with Ever After. This beautiful silver holographic with glitter and shows a lot of purple flash. I really like that you can layer this over a polish or wear it on its own.

China Glaze Living In The Elmo-Ment

Press Sample

One of the last collections that I got from China Glaze was their "You Do Hue" 2019 collection with Sesame Street. Today I have Living In The Elmo-Ment, which is a red jelly with rainbow reflective glitter.

Painted Polish Freedom & Firecrackers

Nothing To Disclose

Going through my nail polish collection is definitely like a time warp. Today I have a beauty that I bought in 2017 from Painted Polish called Freedom & Fireworks. This was a fuchsia red polish with a gorgeous scattered holographic.

ASP Black Beauty

Today is the finale of my ASP polishes and I thought a black creme would be the best way to finish everything off. But was it? Check out how ASP Black Beauty performed for me.

Digital Nails Allons-y!

Nothing To Disclose

I own a lot of holographic polishes but it's always sad when I realize the polish I'm pulling is from a brand that's moved on in the world. That's what happened to Digital Nails but I have Allons-y! a grey-holographic polish. I believe Allons-y is from Doctor Who but I hadn't watched it before. 

ASP Day Dream

Press Sample

Today I'm getting a natural manicure from Sculpted by GG but I wanted to finish off the samples I got from ASP and today's is called Day Dream, a grey/green/purple oil slick shimmer.

Girly Bits Walk on the Wild Side

Pulling another PolishCon NYC 2017 polish today. This is Girly Bits Walk on the Wild Side which was a limited edition polish available at the convention and then again on her site a few weeks later. As you can tell from my swatch stick, this was an apple red polish with gold flakes and holographic glitter. However, in the last 6 years, this polish has faded into an orange polish.

ASP Enchantment

With Spring right around the corner, ASP Enchantment, a lilac creme, is perfect for the season.

Different dimension The Eagle Has Landed

Nothing To Disclose

I love purple polishes - I can't help it! So when Different Dimension released The Eagle Has Landed from the Cosmologically Speaking Part 3 Collection, it was in my hands soon after.

ASP Reveal Everything Red

You saw an orange/tomato-based red from ASP, now check out this true cherry red called Reveal Everything Red! This is what Miley was talking about in Flowers.

Digital Nails Purple Reign

Nothing To Disclose

Digital Nails was an indie brand from Austin, Texas, that I absolutely loved. I got to meet the owner once, and she is just the nicest person. I placed several orders from her and one of my favorites was Purple Reign, a Barney-like purple with scattered holographic.

ASP Berry Cool

Press Sample

I've been really impressed with ASP and it's opaque properties. Add in their long wear base and top coats that are also fast drying and a low price point? Winner.

Vapid. Cyber Punk

Nothing To Disclose

I forgot how many Vapid. polishes I actually own so when I grabbed Cyber Punk from my box of swatched polishes, I fell in love all over again. Cyber Punk was a one-time release in 2017 listed as a saturated holographic ultra chameleon chrome shade. (Say that 3 times fast!) It has purple, gold, green, and lots of holo goodness.

ASP Hot Mess

I'm winding down on the red polishes from ASP and I keep being impressed with the pigmentation on these polishes. Today I have ASP Hot Mess which is a tomato-red creme.

Fair Maiden Lady Liberty

Nothing To Disclose

I can't believe it's been 5 long years since I've featured Fair Maiden on my blog! I don't have a lot of their polishes but today I have Lady Liberty, which was part of the PolishCon NYC 2017 VIP bag.

ASP Ooh La La

I thought my last ASP was neon but THIS, this is a neon pink! Today I have ASP Ooh La La, and man, it's searing.