Cupcake Polish Bat-chelor Pad

I finally went through one drawer of my Helmers and I pulled all the polishes out. I separated them in two piles... ones that I had swatch sticks for and ones that I had swatch sticks for and I had blogged about. Now I'm going through the swatch sticks without blogging and first up today is Cupcake Polish Bat-chelor Pad from the Fall 2015 Modern Vampire Collection.

ASP Pretty Awesome

Read for some neon pink? I thought this was a bit Barbie pink until I put it on and WOW! This is ASP Pretty Awesome, a neon pink polish.

Ever After Mother of Dragons

Nothing To Disclose

Going through my Helmer and I totally forgot I had this gem! I think I bought this when I went to Indie Expo Canada, but I can't be sure. But crelly? Flakes? Holo microglitter? Mine mine mine.

ASP He Makes Me Blush

I have another ASP Long Wear Polish for you today - this one is great for those just getting into polish and want a little color but nothing too bold. This is He Makes Me Blush, a light pink creme

Great Lakes Lacquer Brooklyn Shenanigans

Nothing To Disclose

I really miss the fun of conventions but PolishCon NYC 2017 was especially a fun time for me. One of the limited editions polished I purchased was Great Lakes Lacquer Brooklyn Shenanigans, which is this intense red-purple duochorome with scattered holographic properties.

ASP White Hot

Press Sample

A couple of years ago, I received a press package of ASP Long Wear Polish products and now I'm finally getting around to showing them to you! ASP also produces a gel line but since I change my polish way too often, I'm happy to show their polishes off. Today I'm starting off with White Hot, an opaque white creme.

Tonic Peacock Parade

One of the OGs in the indie world for amazing duochrome (which is more like crazy-million chrome) is Tonic Peacock Parade. You can easily see the blue and purple on the nail but there's so much more going on in this polish as you can see above. 

Cupcake Polish Berry Good Looking

Nothing To Disclose

If you think this polish sounds familiar on this blog, that's because it is! Back in 2018, I wrote about Cupcake Polish Berry Good Looking and Plant Parenthood as both being faders that I had picked up. Since then, Sara had replaced my Berry Good Looking but I put in a drawer and it sat there way too long. Today, I pulled it out and wore it as a full manicure. 

cuccio Getting Into Truffle

Only two left in the cuccio Fall 2020 "Chocolate" collection and I'm a huge fan of this one. Today I have Getting Into Truffle which is a deep wine with gold shimmer.


When I first saw OPI from Summer 2013 Euro Centrale collection, I couldn't wait to wear it. I was obsessed with this teal and fuchsia hexagonal glitter with purple microglitter in a clear base.

cuccio Oh, Fudge!

If you like dark and vampy, then today's cuccio Fall 2020 "Chocolate" Oh, Fudge! is definitely for you. 

Color Club Harp On It

Nothing To Disclose

Happy Valentine's Day! Today I have one of my favorite polishes from Color Club called Harp On It. This is a silver linear holographic from the Halo Hues collection.

cuccio Semi Sweet On You

Just a few more colors from the Fall 2020 "Chocolate" collection from cuccio and this is Semi Sweet On You, a warm pinkish nude creme.

KBShimmer Color Me Rad

Nothing To Disclose

There's something about neons that just make me happy. Today I have KBShimmer Color Me Rad, a neon orange-red with pink undertones. This was part of the "All The Bright Moves" collection.

Polish My Life Magic & Mystery on Broadway

Nothing To Disclose

Back when polish conventions were thriving, I had the opportunity to go to PolishCon NYC in 2017 and one of the VIP polishes in the bag I purchased was from Polish My Life. This is Magic & Mystery On Broadway, and as you can tell above, sadly, this polish has faded since I got in 6 years ago.

Sally Hansen Hypnautical

Nothing To Disclose

Back in 2013, Sally Hansen announced their Triple Shine line, and one polish that caught my eye was Hypnautical, a blue and green shred glitter in a slightly green tinted base. At only $4.99, I hunted this down until I was able to find it at my local drugstore.

cuccio S'more Please

I'm about half-way through the cuccio Fall 2020 "Chocolate" collection and I do feel bad I'm THAT far behind in blogging. But I've been steadily working through my press samples and what I've bought. Today I have cuccio S'more Please which is listed as a milk chocolate creme.

models own Mixed Up

Nothing To Disclose

Back when I started this blog, models own was a polish brand in Europe that all the sparkles and happiness that I wanted. I was so excited when I was finally able to purchase a few including today's polish Mixed Up, a rainbow reflective microglitter with black microglitter in a clear base.

cuccio Hot Chocolate, Cold Days

Here's another from the cuccio Fall 2020 "Chocolate" collection and this one surprised me just a little. Today I have cuccio Hot Chocolate, Cold Days which is listed as a warm chocolate milk creme.

Sephora by OPI Meet Me At the Disco

Nothing To Disclose

It's fun to rummage through my Helmer drawers and find my hidden gems like today's Sephora by OPI Meet Me At the Disco. This is a rainbow reflective microglitter in a clear base. While it's meant to be a top coat, I think you already know what I did.

Girly Bits What Happens In Vegas....ends up on FaceBook

Nothing To Disclose

I'm pulling more polishes from my personal stash that I ended up making swatch sticks for but never wore or blogged about. Today is Girly Bits What Happens in Vegas...ends up on FaceBook. This polish was given to bloggers who attended Cosmoprof North America in 2013 (my third year!). I was also brought back for a limited time in 2013 but quickly sold out.

Love, Angeline SBP Holo 1

Nothing To Disclose

I was talking with my best friend about how I finally got the motivation to blog again and that if I posted every day, I would have enough content for the next six years. Yes, y'all. I have a lot of nail polish. I normally don't post on the weekends, but I just have SO MUCH POLISH, that I decided why not. Maybe I'll even start posting twice a day. However, because I'm posting "out of order," my nails are super short right now from yesterday's post. I had a traumatic break on my index, realized another nail was split, and both my thumbnails had broken so I just cut everything to nubbins. Today I pulled Love, Angeline SBP (Small Batch Prototype) Holo 1 which is a yellow-based grey with scattered holo.

cuccio See You Latte

I'm continuing with the cuccio Fall 2020 "Chocolate" collection with a color that reminds me a little of my own coffee. Today I have cuccio See You Latte which is a warm latte creme. I was actually surprised with how much yellow was in this polish but I think it works well.

Rescue Beauty Lounge 360

My last Rescue Beauty Lounge polish that I had to check if I still wanted to keep or purge is 360, which was originally a muted blue but might is straight up dark turquoise now. I don't know if it faded or what. This was from Spring 2010 collection so it is 13 years old. 

cuccio Brownie Points

I cannot believe it's already February 2023! So much has changed in the world of nail polish but cuccio has been a great brand over the years. Today I have cuccio Brownie Points from the Fall 2020 "Chocolate" collection. This is listed as a rich brown with gold shimmer.