Sally Hansen Hypnautical

Nothing To Disclose

Back in 2013, Sally Hansen announced their Triple Shine line, and one polish that caught my eye was Hypnautical, a blue and green shred glitter in a slightly green tinted base. At only $4.99, I hunted this down until I was able to find it at my local drugstore.

I started with Duri Rejuvacote, then one coat of Cult Nails Fetish (a black creme). Over that, I added 2 coats of Hypnautical, and finished with cuccio High Gloss Top Coat.

I absolutely love that depending on how your hands hit the light, this is either a blue or green dominate glitter. Also the various shred sizes just brings such depth to the polish. I am obsessed, even 10 years later.

Unfortunately, Sally Hansen discontinued this color but rebranded the name to Hyp-Nautical for their Miracle Gel line. I apologize if you came looking for that and found this gem instead.

Sally Hansen [Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram] can be found at several stores including CVS/pharmacy [official website] and Walgreens [official website].