Digital Nails Distant Nuclear Fusion

Nails always make me happy. I can wear any color and just enjoy. Today I have Digital Nails Distant Nuclear Fusion, a deep blue holographic polish.

Zoya Gigi

It's the finale of the Zoya Pink Palette - Summer 2022, and today I have Zoya Gigi, listed as a red azalea creme. I had to Google because I didn't realize an azalea was a flower.

Anchor & Heart Wicked Good Blueberries

I love that Anchor & Heart is located in Maine, where my husband's family lives. I bought Wicked Good Blueberries during PolishCon but haven't had the chance to wear it until now! It's this beautiful lavender blue crelly with blue to purple shifting shimmer.

Zoya Kay

Almost done with the Zoya Pink Palette - Summer 2022, and today I have Zoya Kay, listed as a "bright paradise pink" creme. To me - this is the flamingo pink I was thinking of.

Beyond The Nail Radiant Glow

While I was at Indie Expo Canada, I also picked up Radiant Glow from Beyond the Nail because you know I have to have all the silver holographic polishes.

Zoya Shannon

I'm on the back half of the Zoya Pink Palette - Summer 2022, and today I have Zoya Shannon, listed as a warm melon pink creme. This is definitely summer pink for me.

KBShimmer Sun & Games

My alma mater's colors are blue and gold so when I saw KBShimmer Sun & Games, I knew I wanted it for game day. This is a bright gold with holographic glitter from the 2015 Summer Collection.

Zoya Maddie

Continuing with the Zoya Pink Palette - Summer 2022, today I have Zoya Maddie, considered a "wearable flamingo pink" creme. I've never seen a flamingo in real life but I'm rolling with it.

Different dimension Unicorn

I bought this polish on a whim from Different dimension but boy, it does live up to its name. Today I have Unicorn, a silver linear holographic with purple shimmer and microglitter. This was from their Mythical and Magical Collection back in 2016.

Zoya Joanie

Continuing with the Zoya Pink Palette - Summer 2022, today I have Zoya Joanie, a soft tulip pink creme. Perfect for this Easter season!

Tweexy Hinge

Press Sample

Remember the wearable tweexy? I reviewed it back in 2016 but now they are back with a new product - Hinge. This is also a silicone nail polish holder but can sit on any smooth surface instead of attaching to your hand.

Zoya Angel

Press Sample

Back in the day, Zoya was one of my biggest PR supporters, and I appreciated being able to receive full collections at no-cost, to swatch and share on my blog. I was removed from their list during my inactivity but recently found that they had re-added me and I received the Pink Palette - Summer 2022. Today I have Angel, an iridescent pink lace overlay with periwinkle and golden glitter. Two things about this polish... it is best over other polishes and yes, there was another Zoya "Angel" back in early 2000s - a light pink pearl.

Vapid. Ride or Die 2019

Today I have Vapid. Ride or Die 2019. This was originally a one time release in 2016 but then came back once in 2019. This polish is a purple to cyan/aqua super holo much like D.A.B, Cyber Punk, and is listed as one of their Saturated Holographic Chameleon Chrome shades.

Twila True Take A Raincheck

I'm finishing the Twila True polishes today with Take A Raincheck which is a soft grey creme.

Twila True Practice What You Peach

I've always had a soft spot for coral polishes, even if they aren't great with my skin tone. Today I have Twila True Practice What You Peach, a creme coral.

Different dimension Whatchu Talkin' 'Bout Willis

Another Different Dimension purple? Yes. Another. This was the PolishCon Chicago polish named Whatchu Talkin' 'Bout Willis and it's a deep berry purple holo.

Twila True Live Free

I decided to try out a new nail shape - slightly almond and immediately broke two nails but let's see how this goes. Today I'm continuing with Twila True Live Free, which is a pink creme.                                                                                                                                                                          

KBShimmer Cubicle Pusher

Nothing To Disclose

I'm having a bit of an identity crisis because I realize I have a LOT of purple polishes but I don't wear them enough! Today I have KBShimmer Cubicle Pusher from the Office Space collection. This is a muted purple with a subtle holographic.

Twila True Call The Babysitter

Press Sample

Back in the day, I used to be on several press lists and sometimes samples would just show up at my door. Twila True was one of those. It was a very nice, luxurious package that included polishes, a hand creme and a cuticle oil. I went to research the brand and was interested to see that the line was inspired by the wealth of cultural influences, bold colors, and precious native resources of the Oglala Sioux Pine Ridge Reservation. Today I have Call The Babysitter, a metallic red.

Glisten & Glow Larry

Today's polish is one that is really special to me. I lost my Mom unexpectedly in 2013 and my Dad in 2016. After losing my Dad, I got a package in the mail from Glisten & Glow that had three polishes custom-made for me by Jill of Glisten & Glow and Melissa of The Daily Nail. Today I'm sharing Larry, named after my Dad, and it's a deep purple holographic polish.

China Glaze Ah Ah Ah-mazing!

It's April Fools Day and well, China Glaze has done it to me again. This is the finale from the "You Do Hue" 2019 collection with Sesame Street - Ah Ah Ah-mazing!, a metallic pearl purple.