Zoya Angel

Press Sample

Back in the day, Zoya was one of my biggest PR supporters, and I appreciated being able to receive full collections at no-cost, to swatch and share on my blog. I was removed from their list during my inactivity but recently found that they had re-added me and I received the Pink Palette - Summer 2022. Today I have Angel, an iridescent pink lace overlay with periwinkle and golden glitter. Two things about this polish... it is best over other polishes and yes, there was another Zoya "Angel" back in early 2000s - a light pink pearl.

I started with Zoya Anchor which sadly, I need to buy a new one. It's been at least 6 years since I've opened that bottle and it wasn't sealed as tightly as it should have been. I used 2 coats of Angel, and then finished with Zoya Armor which is the same situation as Anchor. Both bottles were tossed after this manicure.

This was actually my first time using a Z brush from Zoya and boy, do I love it. I need to replace all my Zoya brushes with the Z brush but I also need to swatch all my Zoya! I did gift many away but I do still have a little over 75 in my Helmer.

Side not about this nail shape. While I LOVE it, I also have been breaking my nails with it. I did have a hard regrowth line from when my nails were filed a little too aggressively, so I think that's why and not the shape itself.

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