cuccio Rock Solid

Another red cuccio from the Fall 2019 Bella Natura collection - this time it's Rock Solid which is a brick red creme. I always tell people that I live in the brick red house with the red metal roof on the corner (no lie) so this color was right up my alley.

cuccio Gaia

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I have a lot of red cuccio polishes on my desk so today I decided to grab Gaia from the fall 2019 Bella Natura collection. It's a pretty muted raspberry toned polish that originally I overlooked when it was on my desk but I really liked this one.

cuccio Rolling Stone

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I swear, my cats have been a blessing and a curse. One of the reasons why I'm going through the fall 2019 Bella Natura collection from cuccio is because SOME cat of mine (honestly don't know which one) decided to leave me a food present in the box next to my desk and some of it got on the outside of my cuccio box. So that box went in the trash as I pulled the collection out safely. Thanks cats. Today is Rolling Stone which is a purple based black with silver shimmer particles. 

cuccio Rooted

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We are on week 11 of self-isolation here and it's been interesting. I talk more about it on my Twitter than my blog so if you're interested, the links are to the right of my page. Today I'm wearing cuccio Rooted, from the Fall 2019 Bella Natura collection. When I first saw this red-orange clay creme, I wasn't sold. It reminds me of terra cotta shingles which my alma mater University is known for.

KBShimmer Jordana

I love rainbow holographic glitter. When KBShimmer announced her Pretty Revenge Duo, I immediately bought it. Jordana is a silver rainbow reflective holographic glitter with a hint of gold. 

cuccio Cheers To New Years

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I have been going through my box of goodies and today I decided to grab cuccio Cheers To New Years from their Holiday 2019 Soiree Collection. This is a "sugared plum shimmer" with the shimmer being gorgeous gold flakes.

cuccio High Resolutions

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I was feeling the need to get some red in my life so today I pulled out cuccio High Resolutions from their Holiday 2019 Soiree Collection. This is a flirty cherry red creme.