Digital Nails Purple Reign

Nothing To Disclose

Digital Nails was an indie brand from Austin, Texas, that I absolutely loved. I got to meet the owner once, and she is just the nicest person. I placed several orders from her and one of my favorites was Purple Reign, a Barney-like purple with scattered holographic.

I started with Duri Rejuvacote, 2 coats of polish and finished with ILNP Glass Candy. The polish was a little thin and I forgot how much I don't like thin brushes and prefer paddle or wide brushes.

It took a lot of effort for this to look good. Back in 2015, this was actually one of my top 5 indie polishes, and this is the photo I took back then:

Now granted, I was outside for that photo and the one I took today is in my house, using my light box. But it's almost like the holographic has faded? I know that's not really a thing but it made me a little sad. I'm on the fence for keeping this polish.

Digital Nails has closed its shop and is no longer available for sale.