ella + mila pistache

Press Sample

I've always been a fan of mint green creme polishes so today's ella + mila pistache made my heart happy. Even with my little nubbin nails, this color just slaps.

I started with ella + mila "cover your bases" ridge filler. While my ridges aren't terrible, I always like trying out new products. It covered well in one coat. Then I used 2 coats of polish before finishing with ella + mila "in a rush" fast-drying top coat. I have a TON of top coats and tend to switch up what I'm using based on the humidity in my house, outside and what's working for me at the time. I was surprised that this really did dry quickly, under 10 minutes and I was able to move around without smudging.

I love it. pistache is also in the BonBon collection - a good match to sweet tooth.

ella + mila may be purchased on their website for $10.50 for 16 ml (0.54 fl oz) or in Target stores. Join them on social media: Like on Facebook, Follow on Instagram, Follow on Twitter, Subscribe on YouTube and Follow on Pinterest!

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