duri Slay

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I love December and all the nail polish options that are out there. Are you a traditional red and white? How about some green? Blues and silvers? Maybe a silver and gold? LOTS OF HOLO. I have been staring at my polish for awhile and decided today was a day for duri Slay, a classic burgundy creme.

I started with Morgan Taylor reactMAX Optical Brightener, 2 coats of polish and finished with cuccio High Gloss top coat. The first coat was really easy to apply and the second coat self-leveled into a nice finish.

I feel like my DSLR camera is ready to retire. The focus has been a little soft lately and I know it's been dropped more than once. It is almost 11 years old! Any Nikon experts out there?

Here's my iPhone 13 Pro for comparison and I know this isn't perfect either.

But this color is a little better! You can see more of the burgundy shade here vs my DSLR.

So tomorrow, December 7th, marks the 12th year that I started blogging. Yep, I started PolishGalore in 2009. I have thought about utilizing TikTok for my swatches but I still love the idea of being able to Google search a shade and find it through a blog. I know a LOT of bloggers have quit over the years - some publicly, some just fade away until their domains expire and everything is gone. I haven't decided what's going to happen here.

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