duri The Struggle Is Real

Press Sample

As I mentioned yesterday, duri has a line of nail lacquers (psst: they carry gel too!) and today I have a pearlescent and sheer white with a fine, classic glitter. This is The Struggle Is Real ($8.50).

I started with duri Rejuvacote 1, three coats of polish, and finished with Miracote Quick Drying top coat. Their website says to only apply 2 coats but I wanted it to be a little more opaque. This polish is vegan, and big-7 free to include camphor.

As you can see, I just chopped all my nails again. Due to the uptick in COVID cases in my area, paired with being busy, I haven't been able to see the manicurist I had been going to, and I just was tired of having ragged nails. I'm hoping that after a month of duri Rejuvacote and some good cuticle oil practices, I can get back those ovals I had in Maine.

Overall I thought this was a cute polish especially for kids. The glitter sits well on the nail and doesn't lift. As this is a sheer shade, plan accordingly with your nail prep. Removal was simple.

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