Layla Caviar 10 Mambo

2013 is all about texture and microbeads or "caviar" is part of that rage. The concept is fairly simple - apply beads to a wet coat of polish and seal (or don't - I didn't!).

I used a base coat of Layla Softouch 9 "Aqua Zen" which is a pretty turquoise and then I poured the C-10 "Mambo" microbeads over a small bowl to catch the extra. Layla says not to seal with a top coat, so I decided not to. The photo above is right after I applied the microbeads. I lightly pressed them down into my nail and went to bed.

Sorry for the ridiculously out of focus shot. Overnight, the beads seemed to change colors! Instead of all being teal, now some were teal and silver. You can also see the tip lost pretty much all its beads in a solid line.

This is after lunch, just going about my daily routine. Quite a bit of lost beads but hey, the patterns looks cool!

This is 12 hours later - you can see that I lost about 50% of the beads. Now my day job consists of being a mom and a front desk secretary, so... take that how you will. I'd like to try again with top coat in the future but for me, this is definitely an accent nail look - not a full manicure look. I used regular nail polish remove to take the beads and polish off which meant that they were not reusable for me.

Furthermore the price point is a little high for me. When the caviar craze first started, I bought a package of colored microbeads from JoAnn's "Reflections" for $10. It contained 6 different colors so ... 

Layla Caviar Effect ranges between $10-$13 depending on the retailer.

Layla Cosmetics is distributed to the US through the Luxcon Group who has a Facebook Page to several online websites including Ninja PolishZappos, AVEYOU, Brigette's Boutique, Amazon, and Drugstore.  It is also available at Ulta.

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