The Painted Nail Color Flash Nails

First thing in the morning, I check my Instagram for what's going on in the world of pictures. Lately, I've been noticing something new and super interesting from The Painted Nail - Katie Cazorla.   
[All images courtesy of Katie's Instagram]

Katie is launching an "instant nail color" system at ShopNBC, and the concept sounds amazing.

"The Nail Pod fits in the palm of your hand, throw it in your make up bag, plug it into your iPad, laptop or go wireless! No primer, bonder, base, top or cleanser!! Just one swipe of color and in under 60 secs, you're out the door! Odorless and removes without Acetone!! Wears like a gel, goes on and off like a polish!"

"Here's the LED light that comes in the Color Flash Kit! Complete with dual USB/wall charger and a little bow with a crystal accent for the button (timer built in)."

"The bottom pops off by magnet so you can cure your toes lightning fast or custom mix your Color Flash with glitter, powders etc."

Now for the colors!  All these duo kits will be under $25.

Jade and Coral
Blush and Noir
Margarita and Citrine
St.Tropez and Monaco
Hot Peach and Bright Violet
Starlet and LaLa Land
The original images all had a launch date of March but last week, Katie posted the following:

"GREAT NEWS!!!!!!! My 'Color Flash' Instant Gel Nail Color Kit (3 colors) with Led Light and non-acetone remover paste just got approved today on ShopNBC to be the "Today's Top Value"!!!! You'll get an incredible price on a new, fun, easy and safe product for your nails! You Deserve This!! Coming 4/30"

No word yet on how glitter removal worked with a non-acetone remover... and no base, no top? Sounds like Layla's concept but I've never been brave enough to wear a dark color without a base coat. I love the concept of a gel that removes like polish - I hate that most gels have to have the top layer filed off to "break the seal". (Granted, not ALL gels, but a good percentage.)

I'll have more as soon as I get it, and follow Katie's Instagram for the most up to date news!