States Looking to Deregulate Beauty Professionals

I am not a licensed cosmetologist but I have a tremendous appreciation for what they do. I don't cut my own hair, I don't wax my own eyebrows, I don't give myself manicures or pedicure... for each and every one of those services, I go to a beauty professional whether it's in a spa, a salon or a stand alone shop.

Five USA states have introduced bills to deregulate those in the beauty profession. This means that anyone can open a shop preforming beauty services, without the proper licensing and education. This is pretty appalling to me, as chemicals are being used and correct sanitation services are highly important between clients.

The five USA states are
-South Dakota
and my pride and joy that I call home, Texas.

Tabatha Coffey, along with the PBA are trying to get the message out to those professionals who are about to see their licenses mean literally nothing, that they can do something NOW.

You can get more information from the PBA here on how to get the word out, who to contact and how to get involved. Let's keep the professional stuff to the professionals! Nothing wrong with wanting to DIY but if I'm paying someone to do it, I want to make sure they are properly licensed!


  1. That's just not right. I agree with you, when chemicals are being used, there has to be some knowledge of handling and disposing them. Same with sanitation... Go Tabatha!

  2. I am not licensed either and I would hate to see this happen! I am very careful who i go to and would NEVER EVER go to a "professional" without a license. Why would a state even consider this??

    Take Care,
    Mandy Jean

  3. As someone who held a Texas license at one time, this would really make me super duper mad if I was still practicing and using it there! I can not believe this may be happening. Hairdressing is a learned skill, not even everyone who is trained can do it right. Incredible stupidity at work again in government !

  4. Wow.. This is really shocking. Especially with cosmetologists and estheticians (me), the fact that anyone would think this is a good idea is just... wow.

    1. I've yet to find someone who thinks it's a good idea.

  5. I am a hairdresser and it sickens me that people think just anyone can do what we do. We don't go to school and take extra advanced classes for nothing (not to mention pay for them as well). We don't take a test to get a license for nothing. I am from New Hampshire and they were trying to do this as well a couple of years ago and thousands of hairdressers around the state were appalled and signed a petition to not let it happen. It's really a huge slap in the face.

    1. Good for them! (PS: I went to NH for the first time last year - beautiful state!)