Site Review: Beauty Stop Online

Image Credit Beauty Stop Online

As a blogger (and not a licensed professional), I don't have as much access to beauty products, so I tend to buy online quite often. It's cheaper for me to spend $10 on shipping than to drive the 45 minutes to my nearest Ulta or Sephora. I do have a Sally's Beauty Supply but I find my store to be quite picked over before I am able to go in there to shop, leaving me with little selection.

Back in August 2012, a company called Beauty Stop Online asked if they could send me some nail polishes for review or a giveaway. I browsed their website to find that they offered older collections of polishes - which I already own quite a bit of older collections when I was so obsessed with owning ALL THE POLISHES. I said I would be happy to write a review, but wasn't sure what they wanted me to review - the product or their website. I was told a little bit of both would work.

In September, I chose 2 China Glaze polishes, 2 Essie polishes and 2 ORLY polishes. Nine days later I was told that only the China Glaze would be shipped, the other 4 were on back order and Beauty Stop Online was not sure they would be restocked. I was offered the opportunity to pick more polishes, but I declined.

My polishes arrived in the following box.
Now, I've blurred out my address and I was the one who tore open the white label but the flaps out and the box in that shape? Yeah that's how it arrived.

Inside was the following.
One crumpled piece of brown paper and no other packaging inside the white China Glaze box... no bubble wrap, no packing peanuts, and no tape to close anything.  Additionally, there wasn't a packing slip, receipt or any correspondence inside either.

I received the following China Glaze.

China Glaze #101 Secrets 70319
China Glaze #172 Royal Tease 70537

It's been almost 4 months since this incident and I went to check the website again and I don't see much improvement in the polish department. The "newest" collection for China Glaze is Halloween Haunting.

As for follow up information, Beauty Stop Online again offered to send me additional polishes for the 4 that I didn't receive (I declined a second time) and then asked how I liked my Essie & ORLY polishes. (Remember, those are the four I didn't receive.)

I'm not sure how this speaks to a consumer because sometimes companies offer special services to bloggers, like hand packing the order or adding in additional items. I don't know if Beauty Stop Online sent this order through their shipping department like they would for a normal customer or if they were hand packed.

I don't think I would voluntarily purchase from this website again based on this experience. I know other bloggers have enjoyed working with this company in the past both on reviews and giveaways so I'm just one fish in this big sea.

Disclosure: The product[s] in this post was [were] provided to me by the company for consideration.  For more information, please read this post.