Cirque Dark Horse

Today I have Cirque Dark Horse, a handmade nail polish that I heard about from another blogger. This is the name sake from the debut Dark Horse collection. Each bottle is B3 free and holds 0.45 oz / 13.2 ml of product. One thing I didn't know was that organic lavender and clary sage essential oils have been added for a subtle scent after the polish dries. This is a black glitter with rainbow microglitter. 

I used a base of LVX Livid for my ring and index finger and then 2 coats of Dark Horse on all fingers. This polish dries gritty and matte, so make sure you use additional top coat.

I definitely think this is a polish best worn over black as you can see my visible nail under the nails without a base black. I'm quite confused because when I saw Scrangie's post - she said she used 3 coats and it was pitch black. I'm wondering if the formula has changed or what.

Even here in the shade - I just don't see how this is build-able in three coats - but it was fun to wear!

Can you see that it's a top coat eater in this picture? I also had a bit of a problem keeping it on my nails and off my cuticles but I'm working on it.

Cirque [Facebook] can be purchased on its website for USA residents and their stockists page has international options. Dark Horse runs for $13.00 a bottle.