We're Cleaning House!

Yep, I'm cleaning house, literally and metaphorically as well.

After a series of rather frustrating events, my house has become a bit consumed by material items after my mother's passing. I also am getting used to being a wife - clearing out a closet for my husband?! AND DRAWER SPACE?!

As you can tell, humor is a fall back of mine.

Today I uploaded about 2000 photos from PolishGalore, the Blog to PolishGalore, the Facebook Page. I'd like to keep this up about once a week or (more likely) once a month. I'm also hoping to finish purging my polishes that I purchased and either never wore or hated, and the ultimate goal is to have 20 (or so) wall mounted racks in my family room. I'm also working on the PolishGalore Around The Web feature for my blog because I've been busy ghost writing, guest writing, and hey, I was in NAILS magazine. (My face was about the size of a nail polish brush, but it's okay, I was there.)

I have lots and lots of nail polish to show you and a few other things (some Argon Oil and some funky contact lenses) so stay tuned and GO WOLVERINES!