Food Isn't The Enemy


I am officially introducing other foods back into my diet, slowly, but one thing that I've learned in my last few months of Medifast is this... Food isn't the enemy.

The biggest surprise for me with Medifast was how tasty the items were. I am a very picky person so I was worried I wouldn't enjoy the things that were offered. It took a month of trial and error but then I found the core foods that I was obsessed with, and I filled my cabinets with it. I'm a creature of habit when it comes to food so having the same 8-10 things in my menu worked for me. But if you like variety, Medifast has an entire range of items - even vegetarian and diabetic approved items!

I've never been one to obsess over labels and the same remains true now. I do, however, look at the sugar content of things. I really feel that I was consuming way too much sugar and it was making me miserable. I can easily order a kids size drink at a restaurant and be fine, instead of getting the 40+ ounce drink that comes standard with adult meals.

I had a lot of questions about what am I going to do when I have to eat on my own again. Again, food isn't the enemy. Yes, you can ruin everything by eating nothing but fast food and candy, but after this "detox", I don't even want it. Last night, we had all decided to do our own dinners and I remembered I still had some Lean & Green meals in my cabinet so that's what I had. Additionally, I'm going to keep some of the Crunchers at work to eat for mid-morning and early-afternoon snacks. For me, I have to keep up the eating 6 times a day and it has to be meaningful eating. One weekend I had nachos in the afternoon and it was nothing but empty calories for me because 10 minutes later, I was "hungry" again. 

Don't forget about water. I think one of the reasons why my body was so bloated is that I wasn't drinking ANY water, much less the 8 glasses a day that Medifast recommends. One thing I've been trying to do is drink water BEFORE my meal which has helped tremendously.

I was very honest about this experience in the fact that I didn't work out. While I have a FitBit and wear it daily, I only hit around 6000 steps a day, something that I want to pick up. I work across the street from a gym that I have free access to - something that not many people get the privilege of doing. I know that I need to take better advantage of that and make time for me. That, combined with eating better, will continue in my weight loss.

Several people have noticed my weight loss and just and overall change in my mood. I was getting to the point where my weight gain had made me miserable - I weighed more than I did 9 months pregnant, and that's not where I want to be in life. Additionally, we would like to try for one more child this year, and I need to be at a healthier starting weight according to my doctor. Medifast helped me jump start, now it's up to me to finish.

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