Turtle Tootsie Polish This Night Is Made For Polish

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Welcome to Week 4 of the Road To PolishCon series! If you remember from Week 2, the makers who will be at PolishCon NYC Spring 2018 have come together to create special polishes leading up to the convention in June. These polishes are only available for one week, so don't delay in purchasing!

Today I have Turtle Tootsie This Night Is Made For Polish. This is listed as a dark turquoise jelly holographic polish with turquoise and blue flakes and chameleon micro glitter. Basically, a lot going on in a little bottle!

I used a base coat of Londtontown Kur, 2 coats of polish and finished with Glisten & Glow top coat. I found out from another blogger that she had issues with ridge filling base coats and indie polishes so I'm leaving that in my drawers for now and working with whatever I find on my desk first. 

This is a very pretty polish! I feel it leans more green turquoise than blue turquoise but that's just against my skin tone. I also love how squishy it looks and how well it applied with only two coats. Normally jellies tend to be less opaque and you spend more time getting a good coat on there. Also, you may notice I have super nubs again. It happens.

I also flipped around and got a photo with my flash. You can really see the jelly nature and the holo here. I can't wait to see this beauty in the sun!

Week 4 polishes will be available for purchase starting Sunday, March 17th at 8 am EST until Saturday, March 24th at midnight EST on The Polish Convention website. Each full size bottle is sold for $11.00 each with $3.50 for domestic shipping or $11 for international shipping. If you want to have your item ship immediately AND want a free goodie, please use coupon code POLISHGALORE. If you want to hold your items until all the Road to PolishCon polishes are released and be billed at once, AND get a free goodie, please use coupon code POLISHGALOREHOLD.

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