The Beauty Loser: Medifast Update #4


How has it been two weeks already? It's been a LONG two weeks but thankfully, things have gotten better and continue to get better every day. So how am I doing on Medifast?

The best part about last week was my new order of Medifast food came in. I really stuck to my favorites (Blueberry Oatmeal, Cheese Pizza Crunchers, Caramel Crunch Bars) but added a few new items too and one was the Lean and Green Turkey Meatballs Marinara.

I've also been really fond of the Sea Salt Popcorn snack and it's been on my daily rotation.

Now I haven't been perfect but I have to recognize the changes I've made. I didn't binge on Halloween at all but I did have a couple of mini Kit Kat bars and one Reese Peanut Butter cup (mini). I also bought some chips and guacamole but only had 2 teaspoons of guac and just enough chips to eat that. That in itself is a HUGE accomplishment for me. I've also done really well with not drinking soda or sweet tea but I've had a couple of cups of milk here and there.

Now, I'm not taking an extra vitamin on Medifast because this is a balanced diet but I went to donate blood last week and was deferred for low iron. I was only one point off from being able to donate and I've always had low iron but I normally make up for it by eating spinach often and who doesn't love a good steak.

I also finally went to the gym last week and did 30 minutes on the elliptical. I didn't feel like dying afterwards either so that's a huge success. Unfortunately, both my kids ended up getting sick so I didn't get to make it out the gym the rest of the week but I'm looking forward to going back this week.

But the best part of the past two weeks was watching the scale move again. I still haven't totally felt the weight loss myself but I've had several people tell me that they can tell.

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And since that photo, I've lost just a bit more.

SW: 248
GW: 160
CW: 229

That's 5 more pounds in just two weeks! This really motivates me to stick to my guns and eat my 6 meals a day and drink lots of water. It helps that we always have bottled water at work and I have 5 gallon bottles at home that we fill at the local alkaline water tree. I do have a cup of black tea in the mornings for my caffeine and do use a little Sweet n low and creamer but I'm not apologizing for that one.

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