FingerPaints Special Effects Collection

How freaking cool are these?!  FLAKIES.  And flakies at an affordable price!  Now these are a Sally's Beauty Store exclusive, available in stores only starting in January.  I was able to purchase an advance copy from my local Sally's on behalf of the corporate office - many many thanks to Sally's for making that possible!  Price on these are $5.49 a bottle but with a Sally's Beauty Club card, they are $4.99.  I paid a total of $27.01 which included Texas sales tax at 8.25%.

Twisted, Flecked, Flashy, Motley and Asylum


  1. Was'nt that sweet how Sally's made them availible to us Lacquerheads ~ I await more goodies from them in the future. Fingerpaints is one of my favorite brands.

  2. I managed to find Twisted and Flashy out on the regular Finger Paints display rack.. just put in there with the others! I was so excited for Twisted! Now I have to wait until January for the other 3 which I NEED.
    I LOVE flakies... Love love love them! lol

  3. I hope hope hope my Sally's has these

  4. OMG>>>>I need to go to Sally's tomorrow :0)