Morgan Taylor Coming Up Crystal

Nothing To Disclose

My nails are almost 100% grown out since my gel removal in July. Again, don't remove hard gel unless you know what you're doing. Today I have a Morgan Taylor polish called Coming Up Crystal that I bought from my local Sally Beauty Supply. This polish was released in Winter 2021 for the release for the Sing 2 movie. Now, I hadn't seen the movies before but I loved this rainbow reflective silver glitter polish and it had to come home with me.

ella + mila Body & Nail Care

Press Sample

I have been following ella + mila since I met them at Cosmoprof North America back in 2015, and wow, how they have bloomed! Recently, I got a little care package in the mail with some great colors that I can't wait to show you but what I really needed was their nail and body care that was included!

Sculpted by GG - Kingsville, Texas

Image courtesy of Sculpted_by_gg

Nothing To Disclose

My nails have been a WRECK. March was so unbelievably busy with work, kids, and life in general. It's been hard finding time to get my natural manicures in and I have been going from location to location, trying to find one that works with my time, budget, and standards.

duri Sorry Not Sorry

I'm at the end of my duri journey and thankful that duri allowed me to review some of their polishes. It took me a long time do it but after two separate rounds of COVID and long-lasting effects from the first round, blogging really took a back seat. I'm still being seen by a cardiologist and a pulmonologist but so far my tests have come back favorably. Today I have duri Sorry Not Sorry which is listed as an opaque purple but it was more of a jelly for me.

duri Glow Up

One of my favorite shows as a teenager was Buffy the Vampire Slayer starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. I was OBSESSED with everything Buffy and SMG and today's polish, duri Glow Up reminds me of the opening credits. This deep blue purple metallic polish looks just screams vampy 90s to me.