Sally Hansen and Spring!

Raise your hand if it's still spring for you!  Okay, well yes, it's getting super close to summer, and I'm sure you've seen these in your local store - now read more about them! I have yet to try any of these below mentioned - my polish budget took a huge dive when I switched jobs. Regardless, please read and enjoy!  (All images courtesy of Tractenberg)

Smooth and Perfect Color + Care ($5.49)

THINK: Let your nails breathe

WHAT IT IS: Creamy color and porcelain-smooth perfection in one beautiful polish. The latest trend to hit your fingertips. Nearly naked, barely-there color with plenty of shine. The ultimate in understated elegance, sheer shades and healthy even shine work for every occasion. That’s why Sally Hansen created a chic collection of nude nail polishes that marries the two, Smooth and Perfect Color + Care, the ultimate fusion of perfecting polish and beautifying care.

Designed to hide ridges and imperfections, the uniquely breathable formula promotes stronger, healthier looking nails with a patented technology that allows for up to 20% more oxygen to reach the nail. The result? Ridges and imperfections are virtually erased and nails are left looking smooth, shiny and porcelain perfect

THE SHADES: Fog, Linen, Dune, Satin, Whisper, Air, Sea, Sorbet

Gem Crush™ Nail Color: ($6.95)

THINK: High impact bling.

WHAT IT IS: Vibrant, full-color glitter polish. Always at the forefront of nail innovation, Sally Hansen presents the latest in statement-making manicures—the new Gem Crush™ Nail Color. Unlike other sparkle formulas, Gem Crush™ Nail Color delivers full-coverage, high-intensity glitter for a brilliant, multi-dimensional manicure that simply glimmers.

AVAILABLE IN EIGHT DARING SHADES: Lady Luck, Be-Jeweled, Glitz Gal, Cha-Ching!, Big Money, Razzle Dazzler, Bling-Tastic, and Showgirl Chic

Diamond Strength No-Chip Nail Color & Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat ($6.99)

THINK: Stop nails from breaking

WHAT THEY ARE: The next generation of Diamond Strength Nails. Who says you can’t buy yourself diamonds? Sally Hansen is putting luxury at your fingertips with the latest in glamorous nailsDiamond Strength No-Chip Nail Color and Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat. Infused with real Micro-Diamonds, Platinum and Aluminum, these pampering new formulas deliver brilliant strengthening color, 10-day protection from breaking and rock-hard, long-lasting shine.

The Diamond Collection includes:

Diamond Strength No-Chip Nail Color: Featuring 32 ultra-luxe shades, the range includes regal jewel tones, confectionary color, bold brights and ethereal sheers. Housed in a faceted glass bottle reminiscent of a real diamond, each formula carries the mark of brilliant strength.

Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat: Get stronger nails and dazzling shine in just 60 seconds with this luminous, quick-drying top coat. Packed with real micro-diamonds, platinum and aluminum, the breakthrough top coat leaves nails virtually impervious to chipping and breakage.

THE SHADES: Flawless, Diamonds, Platinum, Aisle be There, Glass Slipper, Something Blue, Bride to Be, Together Forever, Brilliant Blush, Champagne Toast, Sweetie Pie, It’s Chiff-On!, Pink Promise, Pulled Sugar, Lavendar Marquis, Love Bug, Princess Cut, Must-Have Iris, Fuchsia Bling Bling, Something New, Heart to Heart, Diamonds and Rubies, Red Velvet, Honeymoon Red, 3K or More!, Nude Shimmer, Antique Bronze, Royal Romance, Wedding Crasher, Save the Date, Black Tie, Black Diamond