I am alive - Promise.

Image Courtesy of ellageepolish 

It's been a heck of a month. I had surgery (again) late last month and recovery hasn't been fun... or happened. I still have an open hole in my stomach because the incision just won't heal. It's kinda neat - like a black hole or something. (Serious note: The doctor knows and said it's just taking time to heal.)

I also went all over the place this month. My favorites? Watching my dear BeautyJudy get married in New Jersey.

And then the ATXNailGirls meet up in Austin, Texas (photo at the top of this post). 

Then I got strep throat. Hah.

But now I'm preparing for the holidays which of course starts Thursday with Thanksgiving. Then I have my first wedding anniversary, my 30th birthday (holy crap), Christmas and New Years!

BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, POLISHGALORE TURNS FOUR! What? Yep! I have lots of stuff to giveaway so I'm excited.  You should be too. Stay tuned!