Valentine's Day Nails for Nail It!

Press Sample 

Valentine's Day is coming to a close but in case you're getting ready for a night out, here's a quick DIY for some stylish nails!

Step 1: Start with clean hands and nails painted with your choose of base coat. 

Step 2: Apply two thin coats of Cult Nails Kiss, a primary red cr̬me with a wax finish Рno need for a matte coat!

Cult Nails Kiss ($12

Step 3: Using ORLY Instant Artist in black and white, paint the letters “LOVE” on your nails. No worries if you mess up – the ORLY Instant Artist paints are water based so you can rinse your nails and start again! 

ORLY Instant Artist Water Based in Crisp White & Jet Black ($6.50

Feeling the love? Paint the letters “TRUE” on your left hand for a truly lovely manicure! 

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