Father's Day Gifts

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I am habitually late. The only thing I was on time for was my own birth, and that's only because the doctor pulled me a month early. Otherwise, I'm a lost cause.  There are some things I'll be on time for - massages... I was on time for my wedding... dessert. Anyway.

I was a bit at a loss at what to get Mr. PG for Father's Day. Being a beauty blogger, you'd think I'd have some idea. It was through blogging that I learned about a sake-infused shave cream that Mr. PG was pretty obsessed with for a year. 

When I got this fantastic package in the mail last month, I was excited to give it to him for Father's Day. Instead, however, he saw it and ran away with it. Literally.

First off, it came in a camo toiletry bag "Chapter" by Herschel Supply Company. Mr. PG is former Navy, current Navy Reserves, so if it's camo, it's his. He didn't even wait to look inside and just "Ooh mine!" Now he knows how I feel when I see polish. You can get one at Nordstrom here.

Inside was this awesome treasure trove of items. Now, yes, Father's Day was yesterday, but if you're like me either you didn't get your gift out on time OR (and I swear this isn't my fault) if you're like Amazon, you didn't mail my gift out to my father-in-law. Do you see the side eye I'm giving you? (True story, I purchased through Amazon on the 10th with 2-day shipping, and it still hasn't arrived.)

SO don't wait any longer and go search for the following items to make the father in your life feel and smell good. It's so much better than another tie.

American Crew Alternator is a styling and finishing spray that uses polymer based technology for all-day control while allowing the hair to remain flexible for styling and adjusting. The unique formulation of Alternator enables men to reshape their style and control their image. Unlike gels that can dry crunchy or tacky, Alternator is a pliable product that does not dry hard. Alternator provides a natural look with medium hold and medium shine. Suitable for everyday use and washes out easily. 3.3oz/100ml: $14.95 

American Crew Post-Shave Cooling Lotion is a dual-action formula that works as a lightweight moisturizer and calming aftershave. A blend of extracts promotes healing and healthy, balanced skin, while essential fatty acids help regulate sebum production. Active minerals inhibit inflammation and soothe the skin post-shave. Antioxidants in Post-Shave Cooling Lotion work to provide a barrier for skin against environmental stressors such as pollution and harsh winds. Post-Shave Cooling Lotion works well for all skin and beard types. Suitable for everyday use. 4.2oz/125ml: $9.95

CND Cucumber Heel Therapy is an intense, refreshing moisturizing complex to help heal and repair dry, cracked skin on heels, as well as knees, elbows and other areas prone to roughness. Thoroughly rub a dime-sized amount into the heels and other areas that are in need of intense moisture.  2.6 oz jar (US$15.50/Canada $18.80) or 15 oz jar (US $45.50/Canada $54.90)

SOLAROIL™ A “Manicure-In-A-Bottle.” A cuticle and nail oil made from an exclusive blend of four naturally light oils which penetrate the skin’s pores while sealing in valuable moisture. Massage into nail and cuticle area daily. SolarOil™ can also be applied directly to rough skin on knees, elbows and feet or poured into a hot bath for all-over body moisturizing. 1/4 oz. bottle (US $7.00/Canada $9.10) or 1/2 oz. bottle (US $11.00/Canada $14.30).

Thanks again to the lovely ladies at Rpr who helped hook me up for Father's Day. Mr PG thanks you too!

Disclosure: The product[s] in this post was [were] provided to me by the company for consideration.  For more information, please read this post.