CPNALV: China Glaze 2014

China Glaze will always be my first love. They are responsible for my polish obsession.

First things first. Flip Flop Fantasy. The Swatchaholic posted on Instagram the other day a great comparison between the "old" Flip Flop Fantasy and the "new" Flip Flop Fantasy.

Bad news, there is a third version floating out there. GOOD NEWS China Glaze has secured the pigments from the original batch and WILL be making the original polish again. That's something that I had to ask immediately upon arrival because I know everyone wants to know.

So now let's talk collections until the end of the year.

First up is the Limited Edition collaboration for the movie The Giver, coming out August 15th. You can find this collection already in your local beauty supply store but if you like it, GET IT NOW because around this time next year, this will be gone forever. 

Coming this fall will the the All Aboard collection. This is a 12 shade collection that has all been inspired by Fashion Week. After this collection goes out, all these will be moved to the core collection. Choo-Choo Choose You is my stand out - it's a dusty purple with a shimmer to it.

This fall for Breast Cancer Awareness, China Glaze will have the Celebrate Courage collection. The three reds on the right are all repromotes of favorite colors including one of my FAVORITE POLISHES OF ALL TIMES - Strawberry Fields. On the left are three brand new colors that dry to a velvet matte finish and totally opaque in just 2 colors. 

This Halloween brings the Apocalypse of Colour collection - a 6 piece which includes (wait for it) a full sized bottle of Ghoulish Glow! People have hated only having mini bottles so China Glaze was like - yes, let's make if full size and good to go!  Additionally, China Glaze will introduce "Tiny Tots" - a micro mini polish that hasn't been seen much in the states before. They are .125 fl oz which are perfect to throw in your handbag for a quick fix. The 3 being introduced are a white, a black and an orange (all mico minis of existing colors).

Rounding out this year is the Holiday 2014 collection Twinkle. We have glitters, we have metallics, we have cremes. Additionally there will be 3 gift sets available but to my sadness, there isn't a shot glass this year. I MEAN CANDLE HOLDER. 

And finally is the Tiny Tots which will be available as a tabletop display and HELLO FAIRY DUST.

If you haven't read this post by the mercurial magpie, do it now. (Slight NSFW language)

Coming in 2015 were some neat things that I can't talk about yet but stay connected with me and I'll let you know when it's out!