Brand Overview: INNI

Now, if you've been following PolishGalore, you know that I love the idea of nail wraps but I'm not the best at applying. That doesn't mean I don't have a whole drawer full of them though! One thing I have been missing is my OWN wraps - literally! Like, what about wearing my PG on my nails, or my cats (I do currently have 7).

Now I can because a new customizable nail wrap company INNI has launched! Use a photo from your computer and upload it to their website and you can have your own wraps for only $9.90 a sheet (30 pieces in 13 different sizes). Not bad for a very special occasion! Did I mention free shipping?

Don't have a photo you want to use but you can draw? They offer that option too. Can't draw? Well there are one million pre-created designs available.

Nail wraps something you use often? They have a subscription service for $19.90 each month to receive your choice of 3 sets (savings of $9.90) that runs through PayPal.

You can create your own by using the "Open Studio"

I decided to create a set using my cat Saffire. I had to make the image a little smaller using the set background scale but that was all. Only downside is there isn't an "undo" button anywhere in case you make a mistake. Instead, you just have to start all over.

Save your design and viola!

Of course I ordered.

To apply, have a clean nail and choose your width. Smooth on and file down the excess of the wrap. They boast a 10 day wear time and removal is to just peel off the stickers - no remover necessary.

Once mine come in, I'll let you know how they did! According to the website, it takes 1-3 days to create & I should get them in about a week.

Additionally, INNI does have a partner program where you can set up your own shop and receive profits off designs of yours that sell. Please see the link for more information.