Girly Bits It's Hoop to be Square

Nothing To Disclose

I have a soft spot for neons - I love them to pieces but I don't wear them nearly enough. I purchased the Girly Bits "Hoop! There It Is" collection but haven't put them on so today, let's change that! This is It's Hoop to be Square.

I used a base coat of Duri Rejuvacote, 3 coats of polish and finished with Glisten & Glow H K Girl top coat. This polish does apply smoothly but I did see a couple of bald spots where the polish pulled on itself. Also this is a very yellow based (lime) green neon but thankfully, no staining. Also in my photos you can see some white pigment at the bottom of the bottle. It's just pigment being pigment - nothing to effect the actual polish formula or wear.

Another hot neon! No white base on this polish either but it's not needed. Just major eye burning colors.

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