The Beauty Loser: #MedifastMondays Update


Last time we talked, I was getting ready to start Medifast and spent a week "prepping" by eating all my favorite foods for the last time in 3 months. Well friends, I greatly overdid it. I had way too much carbs, sugars, fats, and everything that I love under the sun and my body felt it. I was a hot sweaty mess when I went to Six Flags that weekend and the scale certainly showed it. I jumped from my 240 up to 248 and frankly, it freaked me out.

Tuesday I started with a French Vanilla Shake.
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Breakfast is hard for me. I'm a working mom of two boys and I barely roll out of bed with enough time to shower. I normally have tea and maybe something to eat at my office but that's about it. So I figured that the shakes would be a great way to introduce myself into eating so early in the morning. I was actually really surprised that the shake tasted good because I had read horror stories online of the shakes tasting too vitamin-y or chalky and I didn't find the shake to be either one of those. In fact, I chose the shake every morning for breakfast at work last week and will continue that route. It's a great way to get me started.

One of the big things with Medifast is eating every two hours and let me tell you - I needed to. When I would eat a Medifast meal, I was FULL but when those two hours were up? I NEEDED MORE. However it's a great cycle - eat another Medifast meal and I'm good again. I'm also drinking lots more water which is definitely good. My face had a horrible breakout on Wednesday and it was totally cleared up by Friday which was fantastic because I was at The Indie Shop in San Antonio.

There are definitely some stand out meals for me that I know I'll be reordering - so far all the crunch bars have been outstanding and I've been doing the Cinnamon Roll Crunch Bar, Caramel Crunch Bar and Smores Crunch Bar. I also got the Cookie Dough Chewy Bar but I'm not nearly as much of a "chewy" person as I thought. Also the Sea Salt Popcorn snack (which I get one a day) is amazing and I want to order 2 boxes of that next month for sure.

I think I made a small mistake in ordering so many "lunch" meals as I would call them and not enough of the bars. I'm more of a "bar" person - open the package and eat it. The other meals require a microwave and I've only tried the Beef Vegetable Soup, Vegetarian Chili and Chicken Noodle Soup... Honestly, only the beef vegetable has made me happy so that will be reordered. I also still have Mac n Cheese and Garlic Mashed Potatoes to try this week.

I did get a couple of the "dessert" type meals - the Chocolate Pudding was amazing but the Chocolate Chip Soft Bake didn't thrill me the first time. I also had the Cheese Pizza Bites (decent but needed lots of water to finish) and the Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks (same scenario) and will probably get those again too.

Which leads me into the Medifast Flavors of Home meals. I only got three types - a Ginger Lemongrass Chicken & Long Grain Rice, a Beef Stew,and a Chicken with Rice and Veggies. They are definitely filling and taste good so I'm happy with them. I may leave out the ginger lemongrass only because I'm not a fan of ginger or lemongrass originally.

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So let's be honest, okay? I'm not perfect and I did fall off my wagon twice. The first was Thursday night when I was attending a catered dinner for work. I could have declined but it was BBQ and I'm in the South and you don't say no. I definitely splurged with 4 ounces of beef brisket, 3 ounces of pulled pork, a quarter cup of potato salad, some pickle slices, a tablespoon of BBQ sauce and one piece of wheat bread. However, that's probably half of what I would have normally gotten at a BBQ and I opted for unsweet tea which was hard for me but doable. I fell again on Friday night after the Indie Shop. My hotel didn't have a microwave and I was starving so I got a Whataburger (the best hamburgers ever!) with a medium french fry. However I was good on getting just an unsweet tea again. At first, I really beat myself up over both meals but I realized that I'm trying to undo over TEN YEARS of food damage. I'm the girl that hid in her car and ate an entire medium pizza by herself. I can't expect to be perfect overnight.

And let's continue with the honesty... I don't feel amazing yet. I've had a couple of headaches (I'm sure from caffeine withdrawal), my energy level is lower than normal, and I'm a little cranky. Especially when my son's making biscuits and I know I can't have one right now. But I've had my victories like saying no to the birthday cake that was brought to work last week, and I didn't eat any of the candy at The Indie Shop that was on the tables or in the Trick or Treat bags.

And now let's get to the part you've been waiting on, okay? So my weight. As I mentioned, I jumped all the way up to 248 after my week of splurging. By the time I weighed myself for my food journal that Medifast provides, I was at 246 on Tuesday the 10th. By the 11th, I was down to 240. Yes, that's probably a lot of water weight, and I get that. Thursday I was down to 237. Now on Friday, I jumped up a pound to 238 and I blamed the BBQ. Saturday I lost another 2 pounds and was down to 236 and then last night when I weighed, I was 235.

SO THIRTEEN POUNDS IN A WEEK Y'ALL. Yes, most of it is probably water, and I get that. But I'm also definitely reducing my calorie intake (a typical Medifast day is only 900 calories) and definitely my sugar intake. I used to down Dr. Peppers at least once a day and those come in at over 40 mg of sugar each.

So here we are in week two. To help me have a little fun, I'm also doing two DietBet challenges as well. I'll definitely write about those later.

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Hooray to week one being done! I'll update again next Monday on how I'm doing. Accountability!
SW: 248
GW: 160
CW: 235

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