Darling Diva Qilin

Nothing To Disclose

I decided to go another week of indies on the blog because frankly, I have a lot of them that I've never worn. Today I pulled out Darling Diva Qilin which was a event exclusive at PolishCon Chicago 2016.

I started with Morgan Taylor ReactMAX Optical Brightener, 3 thin coats of polish and finished with Glisten & Glow top coat. This polish has a dark base so it looked almost brown on my nails at first but really it's just the green competing with the red.

Once I got the polish in my light box, you can really see the red pop out. It's definitely a neat polish but it's not really up my alley so it's going on the sale shelf.

Qilin is currently not available on the Darling Diva website.

You can purchase Darling Diva on their website. Join the social conversation on Facebook and Instagram.